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Julie Crews: A Solo Exhibition at the Masur Museum of Art


Contact Information:

Name: Evelyn Stewart


Phone: 318-329-2237

"I'll Be Right With You": A Julie Crews Solo Exhibition at the Masur Museum of Art

Monroe, LA, June 29, 2023 – The Masur Museum of Art proudly announces "I'll Be Right With You," a solo exhibition by acclaimed artist Julie Crews. Spanning from August 22, 2024, to November 2, 2024, this event features 383 running feet of exhibition space filled with Crews' deeply emotional and expressively vibrant oil paintings.

View From the Deep End, 2023, 60"x36", Oil on Canvas

About the Exhibition

"I'll Be Right With You" showcases Crews' unique ability to capture the fleeting yet profound moments of everyday life in her oil paintings. Her art is a testament to her personal experiences and heritage, skillfully imbuing scenes from daily life with emotional depth and resonance.

A standout piece in the exhibition is "View From The Deep End #4," an expansive oil painting that encapsulates a moment of joy and family connection in the artist's swimming pool. This artwork transcends the superficial layers of this domestic scene, delving deeper into Crews' experience as a parent. It reflects the constant search for balance in her life, between her domestic duties, personal ambitions, and the precious moments spent with family. This painting is a testament to Crews' mastery in translating complex, multifaceted emotions into visually captivating art.

About Julie Crews

Born and raised in North Carolina, Julie Crews' love affair with art began in her childhood, sparked by a humble Christmas gift of an oil painting set. Her connection to her ancestry and the land is intricately interwoven with her artistic expression. Now residing in Alabama, she works in a 122-year-old cotton mill - a setting that embodies the enduring, timeless quality she seeks to capture in her art.

Despite the shared struggles of artists everywhere - from time constraints and resource limitations to creative blocks - Crews' unwavering dedication to her craft and a deep understanding of her work's intrinsic value fuels her continuous artistic evolution.

About the Masur Museum of Art

The Masur Museum of Art, situated in the former residence of the Masur family, is Northeast Louisiana’s premier visual arts museum. For over half a century, it has provided the community with an enriching visual arts experience through exhibitions, public programming, and collections management. Admission to the museum is always free, reflecting its commitment to make art accessible for everyone.

Join Us

The Masur Museum of Art invites you to immerse yourself in the evocative world of Julie Crews at the "I'll Be Right With You" exhibition. Come and explore 383 running feet of exhibition space filled with her profoundly emotive oil paintings, from August 22, 2024, to November 2, 2024.

For more information about Julie Crews, reach out to her directly via email at,  or follow her on Instagram at @juliecrewsfineart

For more information about the exhibition reach out directly via email or phone to Evelyn Stewart,, 318-329-2237

About the Masur Museum of Art:

The Masur Museum of Art is Northeast Louisiana’s largest visual arts museum, dedicated to providing dynamic visual arts experiences through exhibitions, public programming, and collections management.