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Strategic Relationship with Global Publications

New York, NY - June 28, 2023
SMB Daily News, New York City's premier platform dedicated to showcasing the inspiring narratives of small and medium businesses, artists, and musicians, announces an exciting collaboration with globally recognized large-scale publications, including Business Insider, Digital Journal, Market Watch, The Globe and Mail, Benzinga, Yahoo News, and AP News. This strategic relationship is set to skyrocket the exposure of SMB Daily News’ rich portfolio of artists, musicians, and businesses, amplifying their unique stories to a larger global audience.
In a media landscape often dominated by the world's largest entities, SMB Daily News shines a light on the inspiring narratives of small and medium businesses, and artists, with a dedicated readership of over 100,000 viewers monthly. Their immersive and in-depth approach to storytelling has been recognized by some of the industry's biggest names, leading to this unprecedented partnership.
"SMB Daily News believes in the transformative power of stories. They inspire, challenge, enlighten, and connect us," says Alexander Sterling, Managing Director. "This collaboration multiplies the reach of these voices manifold, providing an opportunity for even greater impact and resonance.”
By joining forces with these esteemed large-scale publications, SMB Daily News is set to catapult the narratives of businesses and artists onto a larger stage, broadening the scope of their influence. Not only will this partnership enhance visibility for these stories, but it will also enrich the global dialogue around creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.
"It's not just about showcasing businesses and artists; it's about sparking meaningful conversations, fostering a shared understanding, and promoting a global community. This is an opportunity for the inspiring stories we feature to gain massive exposure, reaching audiences they might never have touched," Sterling adds.
SMB Daily News warmly invites small and medium businesses, artists, and musicians to submit their interviews for publication at SMB DAILY NEWS INTERVIEW. If selected, they can anticipate not just the undivided attention of the SMB Daily News audience, but also a potential catapult to the world stage, thanks to the platform's collaboration with globally recognized publications.
"By submitting your story to SMB Daily News, you're not just reaching our 100,000 monthly viewers - you're potentially reaching a global audience," Sterling adds. "We're here to help you elevate your story. Join us and let your journey inspire the world."
About SMB Daily News: SMB Daily News, headquartered in New York City, is a premier platform for storytelling, dedicated to revealing the inspiring journeys of small and medium businesses, artists, and musicians. Their in-depth approach to profiling these stories, coupled with a monthly viewership of over 100,000, offers a unique platform for these voices to be heard and recognized. For more information, visit
Press Contact: Victoria Jenkins, Director of Operations,
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