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The Artistry and Altruism behind PASH Jewellery Design

In the vibrant heart of Toronto's Roncesvalles Village, there exists a goldsmithing studio that does more than just create stunning jewellery. PASH Jewellery Design, operating from its collaborative studio Jewel Envy, is a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and community.

Optix Earrings by PASH jewellery DesignOptix Earrings by PASH Jewellery Design

The Genesis of PASH Jewellery Design

Founded by an artist who has an intriguing background in psychology and goldsmithing, PASH Jewellery Design was born out of a deep passion for small objects and the stories they can narrate. What began as a personal fascination soon transformed into a thriving business that offers one-of-a-kind and limited-production jewellery, meticulous restorations, and custom redesigns. But PASH is much more than just a jewellery maker; it's a platform for making connections, supporting fellow artists, and giving back to the community.

The Unique Proposition of PASH

What sets PASH apart from its industry peers is its unique business model. It's the only privately-owned studio in Toronto that exclusively sells work from in-house goldsmiths. Artists apply to become members of the studio, receiving mentorship and business opportunities to help them grow. PASH also runs classes for the public, imparting valuable knowledge and skills through its in-house goldsmiths. Through these initiatives, PASH has successfully created a supportive, collaborative environment that fosters growth, innovation, and community engagement.

Triumph over Trials

The journey of PASH has not been without its challenges, but it is the resilience and adaptability of the team that has allowed the studio to thrive. During the unprecedented times of the pandemic, the studio responded swiftly to enhance its online presence and found innovative ways to connect with customers. This included offering virtual shopping appointments and consultations for custom work, and even organizing outdoor meetings in the heart of winter.

A Glance at the Future

As PASH looks to the future, it does so with exciting plans to expand its space and introduce new technology. The expansion will provide more opportunities for group learning and experimentation in the creation process, cementing PASH's status as an innovative hub for jewellery design and artistic collaboration. The studio will continue to offer free workshops during community events, tours to schools, internships to high school and college students, and monthly email updates to its customers. As PASH continues to grow, it remains committed to its vision of supporting and elevating each other, not at the expense of one another, but because they help each other.

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