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Tada Korean Fried Chicken: Crispy Delights in the Heart of Chinatown

Discover a Crispy, Flavorful Experience at Tada Korean Fried Chicken & More

Located at 70 Bayard Street in New York, NY 10013, Tada Korean Fried Chicken & More is the sister store to the popular Tofu Tofu restaurant. While Tofu Tofu is known for its Soon Tofu or Sundubu-jjigae, Tada has made a name for itself by specializing in crispy, delicious Korean fried chicken. With business hours from 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM every day except Tuesdays, there's plenty of opportunity to stop by and enjoy a flavorful meal with friends and family.

Tada Fried Chicken LogoLogo of Tada Fried Chicken

For those who are fans of Tofu Tofu, Tada offers a unique dining experience that complements its sister store. From the crispy exterior to the succulent, flavorful meat inside, Tada's Korean fried chicken is truly a must-try for fans of Korean cuisine or fried chicken enthusiasts. Plus, with a wide variety of options and flavors, there's something for everyone at Tada.

Don't hesitate to drop by Tada Korean Fried Chicken & More at 70 Bayard Street, New York, NY 10013. You can also call ahead at (646) 870-0042 or (646) 870-0032. Be sure to follow their Instagram account @tadachicken for the latest updates, promotions, and mouthwatering pictures of their delicious dishes.

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