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Stewarding Connections: Healing and Empowerment through Herbalism and Equine Therapy

Meet Kellie: An Herbalist and Nurse Turned Entrepreneur

My name is Kellie and I am an herbalist in the Northeast United States. My journey into herbalism began during my senior year of college as I was healing from menstrual cycle imbalances. Upon graduating with my nursing degree, I returned to school to study herbalism. Today, I run a thriving business, Stewarding Connections, that combines my knowledge of herbalism and equine-assisted psychotherapy, offering a unique approach to women’s health and empowerment.

Stewarding Connections Kellie, founder of Stewarding Connections, in her natural healing space.

The Vision Behind Stewarding Connections

A decade ago, while sitting in my college kitchen in the midst of my own healing journey, I saw a vision of a large old house overflowing with flowers and herbs. I saw women working together, healing the land with their compassionate touch and sovereign knowledge. This vision ignited a spark in me, and I knew I was being called onto this path. Now, Stewarding Connections stands as a testament to the healing power of nature and community, and a realization of my vision of a place brimming with medicinal plants, nourishing foods and compassionate women working together in healing and sovereignty.

The Offerings of Stewarding Connections

At Stewarding Connections, we offer a variety of services both locally and globally. In West Chester, PA, I work with my team to provide one-on-one womb work services called Womb Sovereignty. This is a 3 to 6 -month deep integration of working somatically with herbs and horses in service to the healing of the womb. We assist women in healing conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, infertility and breast cancer. For our global community, we offer ritual oils, teas, and classes designed to support women in managing their menstrual cycles with the help of herbs.

A Unique Approach to Healing

What sets Stewarding Connections apart is our emphasis on cyclical living and menstrual cycle vitality. All the herbs we use are grown in my half-acre no-till gardens or sourced with love for the earth. This intimate relationship with the plants adds a deeper level of intention and spiritual attunement to the services provided.

A Project Close to the Heart

Three years ago, I launched Rhythms of the Womb, a four-month series exploring the connection between the seasons of the menstrual cycle and the Earth. My work today is heavily focused on the somatic work of embodying our experience and Divine love. This Fall, I am excited to launch another series, Eternity Embodied, which aims to empower women with knowledge of the menstrual cycle and spiritual healing through plants.

Connection and Community

My passion for community is visible in my monthly women’s circles. These are free gatherings where women can be fully open, authentic, and held however they need to be held. I also create online content that encourages connection with the Earth and their own bodies in practical ways.

Overcoming Challenges

Charging for services was my greatest challenge. I used to struggle with charging for services because I believe this information is ancestral and belongs to all of humanity. However, I've come to understand that accepting energetic investment from another acknowledges our devotion to this work and at the core, healing.

Future Plans for Stewarding Connections

Moving forward, my dream is to curate more online offerings. I envision self-paced courses exploring how herbs serve us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Through my commitment to my work and my community, I aim to spark a chain of knowledge and healing that can be passed from person to person. Through Stewarding Connections, I continue to inspire and empower women across the globe.

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