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Shredded Elements Photography: Capturing the Soul of the Moment

Meet Breanna Demont, the driving force behind Shredded Elements Photography, a Las Vegas-based photographer with a knack for capturing the intrinsic beauty of moments. With a focus on conceptual portraiture and documentary-style event photography, Breanna has found her passion in weddings and engagements.

Breanna's journey began in the picturesque landscapes of Minneapolis, where she first fell in love with her city through the lens of a DSLR. This love extended to the people around her as she began to see each subject as a unique work of art, waiting to be documented. © Shredded Elements Photography

Shredded Elements Photography was born from a simple concept: making poetic nostalgia come to life through visual imagery. Breanna believes in capturing the raw, emotional moments that constitute our memories. Her goal? To create experiences that her clients want to re-live over and over again.

But it's not just about capturing stunning visuals. Breanna believes in making her clients feel comfortable and cared about. One of her clients likened hiring her to 'hiring one of your best friends'. This sentiment encapsulates the essence of Breanna's approach to her work. She aims to build genuine connections with her clients and create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere during shoots.

Despite her success in wedding photography, Breanna's creative spirit is not confined to this genre. She recently participated in a 4th of July photography contest in Telluride, where she created an art piece titled 'Freedom is Calling', which perfectly illustrates her vision and creativity.

Moving forward, Breanna has big plans. She aims to get her brand in front of as many engaged couples, wedding planners, and venues as possible. She's also planning an international photojournalism project and is in the early stages of writing her first novel.

In conclusion, Breanna Demont and Shredded Elements Photography offer more than just photography services. They offer an experience, a memory, a work of art. With a unique blend of professionalism, creativity, and personal connection, they are truly a gem in the photography industry.


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