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Loop Loft: Skydiving Beyond Limits

Welcome to Loop Loft, a skydiving business that's taking the world by storm. Co-founded by Ana, an engineer-turned-skydiving instructor, and her boyfriend Mayo, Loop Loft is a platform that urges individuals to take a leap of faith - literally.

Loop Loft

Breathtaking views from a Loop Loft adventure

Loop Loft is not your average business venture; it's the embodiment of Ana and Mayo's mutual passion for skydiving and a reflection of their belief in the transformative power of taking chances. They chose to deviate from the conventional path of a secure job and fixed salary, opting instead for a thrilling life of skydiving adventures around the world. Their year is split between summers spent skydiving abroad, and winters spent in their home base of Colombia.

Loop Loft offers a range of services tailored to suit both skydiving novices and seasoned pros. For those looking to experience the exhilarating thrill of skydiving for the first time, Loop Loft offers tandem jumps, where beginners can skydive with the safety and security of an experienced instructor. For individuals who wish to take their skydiving experience a step further, comprehensive courses are available to guide them to a point where they can skydive independently.

Additionally, they offer online consultation through their Instagram page, This social media platform serves as a hub for both beginners seeking advice and experienced skydivers looking for the next great location for their jump. For those in need of equipment maintenance, Ana and Mayo are highly qualified and experienced, ensuring your equipment is in the best hands.

What truly sets Loop Loft apart from other businesses in the industry is its unique philosophy. It's not just about business, it's about passion, personal growth, and transformation. They take immense pride in helping people overcome their fears and limitations through the incredible experience of skydiving. They've witnessed countless individuals conquer their fears and push their limits, graduating from their course as new skydivers, or marking their victory over illness or adversity with a celebratory jump. Being a part of these remarkable personal journeys is a source of pride and joy for Loop Loft.

The biggest influence on Loop Loft is the sport of skydiving itself. As a woman, Ana admires the female tandem masters in the sport, who are incredibly talented and empowered. She notes that there are no more than 250 female tandem masters worldwide, and draws inspiration from these women.

Loop Loft doesn't see themselves in competition with others. They're in their own race, carving their own path in the skydiving industry. They use Instagram to connect with their customers and the wider community, sharing captivating pictures and stories. However, they believe that traveling to new destinations and meeting people face-to-face is the most effective way to foster community growth.

As with any business, Loop Loft has faced challenges. The biggest one has been dealing with the paperwork and specific rules for working in different countries. However, with each year, they gain more experience and this process becomes easier.

Looking to the future, Loop Loft plans to continue traveling to new destinations, establishing their Instagram account as a reputable reference in the skydiving community. Their goal is to gain recognition within the skydiving community and inspire more people to take the leap and transform their lives through skydiving.

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