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Discover Worth It Thrifts: Exclusive Vintage Fashion Meets Skate Culture

Meet Luis Cervantes, the creative mind behind Worth It Thrifts, an online store that offers a unique blend of vintage, high-end, and exclusive fashion items inspired by his skateboarding background.

Worth It Thrifts “Summer Chilling”Worth It Thrifts “Summer Chilling”

A Passion for Fashion and Skateboarding

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Luis Cervantes has always had a passion for fashion and skateboarding. This passion led him to create Worth It Thrifts, an online store where customers can find a wide selection of handpicked vintage and high-end clothing, accessories, and shoes. Luis's motto for the company is “Find your style and your worth,” reflecting his belief that once you find your unique look, it's easier to express yourself and feel confident in your style.

Collaboration with Designer Friend Trey

Luis has also partnered with his talented friend Trey, who helps him design exclusive Worth It Thrifts merchandise. Together, they have created high-quality t-shirts and pins for each season, which adds a personal touch to the brand. This collaboration has proven to be a significant milestone for Worth It Thrifts, and they are excited to see where it will take them.

Community Engagement and Future Plans

Worth It Thrifts actively participates in local pop-up events, offering special deals and interactive experiences for customers. Luis also organizes giveaways to engage the community and give them a chance to win exclusive items for free. At the end of this year, Luis plans to give back to the community through a special, surprise project. In the future, he hopes to open a brick-and-mortar store and support new, upcoming companies by hosting pop-up events for them.

The Challenge of Time Management

As a small business owner who also works a full-time job, Luis's biggest challenge has been managing his time effectively and understanding the fundamentals of running a business. Despite this, he has successfully managed to grow Worth It Thrifts and provide a diverse range of curated products that are hard to find elsewhere. Luis strives to offer price points that cater to all types of customers and remains flexible to ensure a satisfying shopping experience for everyone.

Inspiration and Influence

Luis's love for fashion and design was influenced by his upbringing, with two sisters and a mother who loved shopping and going to the mall. However, his biggest inspiration comes from the skateboarding community, which he believes has always been at the forefront of fashion trends. Through Worth It Thrifts, Luis aims to help people find their style, express themselves, and boost their confidence.

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