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Bert’s SpeakCheezy: Combining Comfort Food with a Classic Novel

Meet Logan Bertrand, the Co-Owner of Bert’s SpeakCheezy

Bert’s SpeakCheezy is a unique and dynamic food truck business that was launched last June by Logan and his brother, Brynnan Bertrand. Infused with their passion for Gatsby-themed aesthetics and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, the brothers have created an innovative culinary experience that travels on wheels. Their business isn’t just another food truck; it’s a combination of nostalgic comfort food, literary inspiration, and a unique 1920s theme.

Bert’s SpeakCheezy food truck

Bert’s SpeakCheezy - A fusion of Gatsby-themed aesthetics and gourmet grilled cheese

The Origin of Bert’s SpeakCheezy

The conception of Bert’s SpeakCheezy is as nostalgic as the food they serve. Inspired by The Great Gatsby, Logan’s favorite book growing up, and the warmth of their mother’s grilled cheese sandwiches, Logan and Brynnan created a business that is as much about the experience as it is about the food. In the near future, they are planning to open a storefront in a small town called Berea, KY, while also adding two other food truck franchises to their fleet.

A Unique Food Truck Experience

In an industry filled with BBQ and Tacos, Bert’s SpeakCheezy stands out with its grilled cheese specialty and unique menu. Their sandwiches, all named after 1920s themed names, offer a unique taste experience. The Hotsy Totsy buffalo chicken grilled cheese and the Dizzy Dame featuring locally sourced heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese are just two examples of their creative spin on this classic comfort food.

The Thompson Hep Cat: A Sandwich with a Story

Of all their unique offerings, the Thompson Hep Cat grilled cheese holds a special place in Logan’s heart. The sandwich is named after Logan’s 93-year-old mentor and best friend. Introduced a few months ago, it has already become a fan favorite, much to the delight of its namesake. This sandwich is more than just food; it’s a tribute to a friendship and a testament to the personal touch that Logan and Brynnan bring to their business.

Building Community and Overcoming Challenges

Connecting with their community is as important to the Bertrands as creating delicious food. Through consistent and creative marketing campaigns, they engage with their customers beyond the food truck window. But the journey hasn't been without challenges. Balancing multiple roles, from marketing to maintenance, they have worked tirelessly to meet the high demand for their gourmet sandwiches. Yet, their relentless dedication has enabled them to overcome these hurdles, hire more people, and grow their business.

Standing Out in the Crowd

Unique products, a classy and clean presentation, and a distinctive theme set Bert’s SpeakCheezy apart from their competition. Being one of the few grilled cheese food trucks in Kentucky, their distinctive approach enables them to cater to sophisticated events where food trucks are typically not present. Their dedication to their theme and quality has made them a memorable and sought-after addition to any event.

Future Plans

Logan's ambitious plans for Bert’s SpeakCheezy extend beyond their upcoming storefront and two additional food truck franchises. With a firm entrepreneurial mindset, he hopes to expand their reach throughout the US, making Bert’s SpeakCheezy a household name in the nationwide food truck industry. Aiming to cross the borders of Kentucky, Logan envisions successful franchises, both as food trucks and storefronts, all throughout the country.

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