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Mulher Arára: Embodying Medicine Music and Ancestral Spirituality

Mulher Arára's Odyssey: From Lisbon's Streets to Shamanic Beats

Delving deep into the soundscape of Mulher Arára unveils a tapestry of spiritual connections, profound awakenings, and a relentless pursuit of self-discovery through music.

Mulher Arára: A voice that heals, connects, and transcends.

A Lifelong Dance with Melody

For Mulher Arára, music was not just an art form, but a lifeline. From the radio tunes in her grandparents' home to her father's soulful renditions of traditional Fado at family gatherings, music was an omnipresent force, guiding and shaping her early years.

R&B Beginnings and the Turning Tide

At the age of 18, she stepped onto the stage with the R&B Portuguese band, Tony Mac, lighting up venues across Lisbon. However, fate had other plans. The sudden demise of her father led her away from the spotlight and into the rigors of professional life. But music, like an old friend, patiently awaited her return.

Rekindling a Lost Passion

2014 saw a musical and spiritual renaissance in Mulher Arára. As she strummed the guitar strings, a deeper quest for understanding her existence began. This spiritual sojourn directed her towards the ethereal world of Medicine Music during a sacred shamanic ceremony in Florida in 2016.

Embracing the Ancestral Call

Mulher Arára's thirst for spiritual wisdom saw her traverse Brazil, Hawaii, and several US states. She sought the ancient teachings that wove music into powerful transformative experiences. This journey culminated in 2019 with the birth of Aliança Divina, a Medicine Music Band, manifesting her revelations into harmonious creations that resonated with spiritual and empowering messages.

Arará: A Song, A Revelation, A Legacy

'Arará', a melodic masterpiece, encapsulates Mulher Arára's soulful pilgrimage. A trip to Brazil deepened her bond with music as a therapeutic tool. There, in a spiritual community near São Paulo, the majestic rainbow Macaw, or 'Arára', unveiled itself as her animal of power, adding depth and meaning to her song and life alike.

Stitching Global Beats: An Eclectic Musical Palette

While rock and roll's pulsating energy underpins her musical style, Mulher Arára's true influences span continents. The rich tribal notes of the Amazonian Rainforest, the spiritual harmonies of South American communities, and the rhythmic beats of African tribal music converge to create her signature sound.

Empowering the Community: Beyond Melodies

For Mulher Arára, music is a tool, a healer. Drawing inspiration from ancestral calendars, lunar cycles, and native American medicine wheels, she crafts sacred spaces to facilitate spiritual growth. Although the challenge of merging passion with financial stability looms large, her vision remains unwavering: to amplify her reach, assist others in tapping into their unique rhythms, and perpetuate the transformative power of vocal channeling.

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