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Urgent CFIA Advisory: Compliance Needed for Caffeine Regulations in Energy Drinks

Urgent CFIA Advisory: Compliance Needed for Caffeine Regulations in Energy Drinks

In light of recent energy drink recalls, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued an urgent notice to manufacturers, importers, retailers, and Internet merchants of such products, reminding them of the need to strictly adhere to Canadian guidelines on caffeine content in their beverages.

Caffeine Limit Enforced in Energy Drinks

The public notice from the CFIA, available on their official government portal, clearly stipulates that 'caffeinated energy drinks should not exceed 180 mg of caffeine in a single serving container'. These beverages must also bear the prescribed cautionary statements.

The CFIA notice sternly reminded stakeholders in the sector, including manufacturers, importers, and distributors, that they are obligated to ensure their caffeinated energy drinks comply with Canadian regulatory requirements.

Impact of Breaching Caffeine Guidelines

The CFIA alerts that vulnerable demographics, such as children, lactating and pregnant individuals, and those sensitive to caffeine could experience adverse health repercussions if they consume these beverages. It adds that overconsumption also poses significant health risks. The statement emphasizes the public's trust in businesses to adhere to food safety standards and warns against selling products that don't meet these requirements.

CFIA's Regulatory Enforcement Measures

In its efforts to ensure regulatory adherence, the CFIA will be conducting routine inspections. Penalties for violation of rules include product confiscation and detention, license suspension, administrative monetary penalties, or even prosecution.

Important Notice for Importers and Distributors

Importers are advised to meet the specifications in the Temporary Marketing Authorization Letter (TMAL) issued by Health Canada, or to ensure imported products satisfy Canadian regulations at the point of their entry. Distributors of these energy drinks are equally urged to ensure their offerings comply with regulation requirements before further distribution.

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

License holders under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations are also reminded to promptly notify the CFIA if their food poses a potential health risk. awaits a statement from the Canadian Beverage Association regarding the matter.

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