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Grab the Golden Opportunity to Purchase a Maruti Alto at an Unbeatable Price

Maruti Alto 800: A Favourite Among All Vehicle Segments

The Maruti Alto 800 has enjoyed a high demand in its segment. This hatchback by Maruti Suzuki boasts impressive engine power along with the promise of an enhanced mileage.

Its modern features combined with a captivating appearance make this car an irresistible offer. Initially priced at 3.54 lakh Rupees, the top variant reaches up to 5.13 lakh Rupees. However, if you're on a budget and can't purchase it new, consider checking out some older models.

Several used car online platforms now offer the previous Maruti Alto 800 models for sale, providing an affordable alternative that doesn't compromise on quality.

Purchase Maruti Alto 800's Older Models Online

The 2010 model of Maruti Alto 800 is available for sale on the OLX website. Registered in Delhi and in good condition, you can purchase this car for 80,000 Rupees. However, please note, there is no finance plan available for this car.

On the QUIKR website, the 2011 model of Maruti Alto 800 is on sale. Those interested can purchase it for 1 Lakh Rupees. Again, the company does not provide any finance plan for this model.

The 2012 model of Maruti Alto 800 is available on the DROOM website. Registered in Uttar Pradesh and in excellent condition, this model can be yours for 1.50 Lakh Rupees. The company also offers a finance plan for this model.


For those seeking a powerful and reliable car within a budget, exploring these online platforms offering used models of Maruti Alto 800 could lead to a satisfying purchase.

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