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BCP Bridging the Gap with Fintech World: Unveils New Customer Service and Product Approach

BCP Introduces 'BCP Xplore', a Novel Proposition Streamlining Services for Digital Companies

In a significant leap toward the expanding sphere of fintechs, Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) has launched BCP Xplore. This newly formulated strategy purposes to attend to the portfolio of digital enterprises, as indicated by the bank.

As of now, BCP has streamlined funding of over S/240 million to more than 160 Fintechs and gig economy firms( including marketplaces, taxi services, product delivery firms, and others). The ultimate aim here is to be an integral strategic ally, assisting these firms with their growth and investment plans, and their contribution to the nation.

Digital Firms Seek Customized Financial Services and Solutions

Digital enterprises, by their inherent characteristics, yearn for bespoke financial solutions and services, which often don't fit into the traditional product mold offered by financial institutions. BCP is honing its focus on the distinct needs of each company in an attempt to comprehend and cater to their requirements. This was stated by Mark Talbot, Manager of Multinational Company Banking & BCP Xplore.


BCP: Forging Potentially Strategic Alliances and Delivering Efficiency

BCP's high level of understanding and specialization in digital businesses allows it to possibly nurture strategic alliances between fintechs and other BCP divisions. An objective which aligns with offering jointly new product lines, enhancing levels of efficiency, security, cybersecurity, and customer satisfaction.

As a result of empowering the milieu of digital businesses and their financial conditions, Peru is becoming an exciting market for other digital multinational firms that aspire to commence operations in the nation. Concurrently, by being part of the Credicorp Group, BCP gets these digital firms closer to services like investments, via Credicorp Capital and Krealo, the group's innovative arm, added Alvaro Palma, Relationship Manager at BCP Xplore.

Specialized Consultation Essential for Digital Firms

Digital companies necessitate a high degree of consultancy and specialization to comprehend their business models and provide products that better suit their needs, added the communique.

Approximately 50% of the direct placements made by the financial sector to Fintechs and digital environment companies are facilitated by BCP, according to SBS.

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