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Unveiling the Canvas of Life: An Intimate Conversation with Martyna Czech

Unveiling the Canvas of Life: An Intimate Conversation with Martyna Czech

With a staggering record of creating an average of 100 paintings a year, Martyna Czech is an artist who is not afraid to confront the dark and painful aspects of human existence. From the depths of personal pain and suffering, she crafts powerful narratives that resonate with raw emotion and brutal honesty.

Zamieranie Czarnej Róży, 170x200 cm, 2023

The Power of Personal Narratives: The Story Behind 'Ex I'

Martyna's art is rooted in her own experiences. One of her most significant works, 'Ex I,' holds a special place in her heart. The painting, which depicts her as the goddess Kali holding her ex-husband's head with his intestines in the background, was awarded at the 42nd Biennale of Painting 'Bielska Jesień 2015.' It marked a significant turning point in her life and career. It was a chilling reflection of a toxic relationship that had nearly taken her life. Through this painting, Martyna found the strength to free herself and asserted her independence.

The Journey of Martyna Czech: From Archeology to Art

Born in 1990 in Tarnów, Poland, Martyna's journey into art was neither predictable nor smooth. With no exposure to contemporary art during her childhood in a small town, it was her inborn talent and determination that propelled her forward. A trip to Kraków as a child, where she saw the majestic building of the Academy of Fine Arts, sealed her destiny. Prior to becoming an artist, she held various jobs, from a cleaner and receptionist to a babysitter and production worker. She also studied archeology for a year but couldn't manage both her job and studies. Today, she is recognized as one of the best painters of her generation in Poland and is determined to make her mark globally.

Connecting with the Audience: Online and Offline Presence

Martyna connects with her audience and collectors through various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and her website. She also collaborates with BWA Warszawa, one of Poland's best galleries, and participates in exhibitions and events. Her art neither shies away from dark themes nor panders to a wider audience, making it stand out in the industry.

Inspiration and Artistic Style: Life as the Ultimate Muse

Life, with its myriad experiences, forms the backbone of Martyna's inspiration. She studies people and their relationships, transforming her observations into her art. Negative emotional states such as pain, suffering, hatred, love, lost trust, heartbreak, death, and betrayal are constant themes in her works. Her unique artistic style is characterized by its boldness, honesty, and lack of censorship. She paints wildly, greedily, honestly, uncompromisingly, and without censorship. She believes that the category of malpractice does not exist and error is a positive value.

Future Plans and Challenges Overcome: Aiming for the Global Stage

Martyna's future goal is simple and ambitious - to captivate the world with her art. She has faced numerous challenges in her career, from the stress of her first individual exhibition to the technical difficulties of creating a sculpture of a rabbit from toxic epoxy resin. But each challenge has only served to strengthen her resolve and hone her craft.

The Artistry of Martyna Czech: Honest Emotions and Personal Narratives

As an artist, Martyna primarily works with oil paint on canvas, using both brushes and her hands to apply the paint. She often experiments with illegal paints, mixing acrylic and oil to achieve the desired effect. Her art is an expression of her sincere emotions and personal narratives, making each painting a unique story. Her work boldly explores themes of sexuality, irony, nudity, lust, darkness, and other topics that people often shy away from.

Martyna's Stand in the Industry: Uncompromising Expression and Sincerity

In an industry where artists often shy away from dark and painful topics, Martyna's art offers a refreshing, albeit confronting, perspective. Her paintings are not forgotten, one cannot be indifferent to them. She skillfully combines painting skills, talent, artistic awareness with themes. She believes that there are no limits in art, they are only in the head. And she paints about it.

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