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Unveiling the Artistic Universe of Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

Delve deeper into the vibrant and surreal world of renowned artist, Jeffrey Spahr-Summers. Born and raised in Colorado, with a significant stint in South Africa during the Apartheid era, Spahr-Summers' diverse life experiences have shaped his unique artistic style, marking him as a notable figure in the art industry.

Pink Tree - A colorful expression of Colorado winters by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers

Artistic Origins

Influenced by his world-class potter sister, whom he used to assist with art projects during her time at Art School in Pretoria, Spahr-Summers embarked on his journey into the art world. Starting with poetry and photography at an early age, he developed a keen interest in expressing himself through visual mediums. His work, predominantly photography-based, employs a variety of platforms and mediums, including 35mm, digital and phone cameras, and various online photography platforms and apps, often using more than one on any given photograph.

Engaging with the Audience

Spahr-Summers has succeeded in establishing a strong connection with his audience and collectors using the power of digital media. Primarily through social media and online galleries, he presents his work to the world. His photographs frequently grace the pages of print and online literature journals and art magazines, reaching a wide range of viewers. What sets his work apart from others in the industry is his distinctive use of color, texture, and an occasional dash of humor.

Artistic Style and Sources of Inspiration

Spahr-Summers' artistic style can be best described as neo-surreal and psychedelic, with a special interest in high-density black and white photography. His art captures inspiration from every nook and cranny of life, resulting in a plethora of subjects being depicted in his work. One of his major challenges as an artist has been expressing himself through color rather than words. To overcome this, he continuously experiments with different techniques, pushing the boundaries of traditional color usage in art.

Artwork Showcase: Pink Tree

One of Spahr-Summers' most cherished works is 'Pink Tree', a vibrant and colorful expression of Colorado winters. This piece showcases his unique approach to using color in photography and exemplifies his distinctive style.

Future Endeavors

Spahr-Summers is determined to continue his journey in the art world, constantly producing and publishing art. His future plans involve further exploration of his unique style and maintaining a strong connection with his audience. With an artist who finds inspiration in every corner of life, we can anticipate the continued emergence of innovative and thought-provoking art.

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