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Unveiling the Artistic Journey of Yuliya Lazareva: A Unique Blend of Photography and Fractal Art

Deep Dive with Ukraine-based Artist, Yuliya Lazareva

Born and raised in Dnipro, Ukraine, Yuliya Lazareva has gradually carved a niche for herself in the international art scene with her distinctive blend of photography and fractal art. This year, she celebrated her 30th birthday, capping off a creative journey that began in earnest in 2009. Yuliya's educational background is as diverse as her art, having graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Pedagogical College as a teacher with primary education, with an additional qualification of the Head of the Fine Arts Circle. In 2017, she further honed her artistic prowess by earning a degree in Fine Arts from the National Academy of Culture and Arts Leaders.



Yuliya's artistic journey was not a straight path. After two years of passion for photography, she yearned for something more. She was deeply influenced by her love for cinema, particularly non-commercial films and art house films, and this love ultimately shaped her unique stylized works which she started creating in 2014. It took another 2 years for her work to evolve into its current unique form. She has participated in several exhibitions of the PH21 Photography Gallery (RGB PH21 Photography Gallery August 25 - September 20, 2016; Monochrome PH21 Photography Gallery May 5 - 28, 2022).

The Philosophy Behind Yuliya Lazareva's Work

Yuliya's work is a testament to her deep understanding of composition and color. She aims to make the color in her photographs as saturated as possible and always uses the same color settings in her camera. This results in impressionistic photographs that carry a unique signature.

One piece of work that Yuliya is particularly proud of is a series of works with light. This series is a culmination of her experiences, her knowledge, and her philosophy. It is a story she is eager to tell, with the full series set to be published later. A glimpse of this work can be seen on her Instagram page.

Engaging With The Audience

Despite her growing fame, Yuliya maintains a close connection with her audience, which primarily consists of individuals she knows personally. She values feedback on her work and is always appreciative of it. She no longer sees other artists as competitors, a perception she struggled with for a long time. Instead, she now recognizes them as sources of inspiration and support, even potential collaborators for sharing and exchanging ideas.

The Future of Yuliya Lazareva's Art

As Yuliya looks to the future, she is diving into the world of fractal graphics. She plans to create compelling portraits that not only appeal to her clients but also hold her interest. She believes that every artist should strive to find their unique voice rather than trying to stand out in the sea of talented artists. She feels that she has found her unique voice through her distinctive art style.

Yuliya Lazareva continues to be a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists all over the world. Her journey showcases the importance of following one's passion, embracing competition as inspiration, and finding one's unique voice in the art world.

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