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Unveiling the Artistic Journey of Jason Hallman: A Tale of Self-Discovery and Transformation

Immersive Journey Into the Artistic Odyssey of Jason Hallman, A Self-Made Global Artist

Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of Southern California, and spending the prime of his adult life amidst the lush nature and creative boom of the Pacific Northwest, Jason Hallman became a well-rounded artist. His personal history, influenced by his father - a professional gambler who fostered in him a love for risks and individualistic passion - deeply ingrained a sense of adventure and originality into his work.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 1 Excavations by Jason Hallman

A sharp turn in his life occurred at the age of 35 when Hallman ventured into the realm of art, a field where he had no prior experience. This unexpected deviation was prompted by a profound spiritual experience during his first-ever meditation session. A powerful inner calling pulled him towards art, a domain he decided to explore and make his own.

The transformative journey didn't stop there, however. A planned six-week trip to Hawaii extended into a soul-searching six-month stay. This unexpected sojourn began Hallman's spiritual awakening. Coming back to the mainland, he saw his art with fresh eyes. In an act of symbolic excavation, Hallman scraped away the white overpaint on a 5’ x 5’ panel to reveal the colors hidden underneath. This represented his inner journey, a reflection of finding his true 'home' within himself.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 3

Now, Hallman uses the international gallery circuit, social media platforms like Instagram, and his personal websites to connect with his audience and collectors. He finds inspiration everywhere, consistently maintaining an attitude of gratitude for the life that fuels his creativity.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 4

One of Hallman's key artistic strategies involves transformation. He takes everyday objects or artistic mediums and reshapes them into something extraordinary, breathing new life into each piece. Each work is a rebirth, a new entity carrying the artist's personal touch.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 5 Excavations by Jason Hallman

Despite his accolades, the journey has not been without its struggles. For Hallman, self-confidence proved to be a significant challenge. It took time, patience, and the encouragement of fellow artists for him to confidently call himself an artist. But overcoming these fears has allowed his art to flourish and resonate with viewers around the world.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 6 Excavations by Jason Hallman

Hallman's work is notably diverse, encompassing two primary bodies of work. His solo pieces often involve the technique of layering paint over months, only to carve into the amassed layers, creating intricate textures and forms. In contrast, his collaborative projects typically involve transforming painting canvases into sculptural forms.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 7 Excavations by Jason Hallman

Looking towards the future, Hallman intends to continue his journey of creation. He is excited about developing new bodies of work and novel forms of art. His story serves as a testament to the power of self-discovery, transformation, and the courage to follow one's passion, even when it leads down unexpected paths.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 8 Excavations by Jason Hallman

In essence, Jason Hallman's artistry mirrors his personal journey, a map of his self-discovery and transformation. Each brushstroke and carved line in his works is a testament to the undying spirit of artistic endeavor and the unyielding pursuit of personal truth.

Excavations by Jason Hallman - 9 Excavations by Jason Hallman Excavations by Jason Hallman - 10 Excavations by Jason Hallman Excavations by Jason Hallman - 11 Excavations by Jason Hallman  Excavations by Jason Hallman - 12 Excavations by Jason Hallman 


For more information or to get in touch with the artist directly:

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