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Unveiling the Artistic Journey of Bansri Chavda: A Symphony of Emotions and Spirituality

Bansri Chavda, a veteran painter and art educator, has been creating art for over 18 years. Her journey began in her early teens, when she found solace and self-expression in art. This dialogue with her inner self led her to discover and embrace art, and art found her in return. She is inspired by everything around her, from nature, conversations, poets, her spiritual master, children, animals, birds, and fading skylines. However, she believes that 'love' is the fuel that ignites her art. It's the process of reaching to this vastness both on the canvas and inside her that truly inspires her.

Bansri Chavda Art
"Mustang" by Bansri Chavda.

She finds immense beauty in the overlooked aspects of life/nature, rejoicing the imperfections. One of her pieces that she is particularly proud of is 'Musing,' a mixed media on paper. This piece is her own way of rejoicing Wabi- Sabi, a concept that finds beauty in imperfection. This concept resonates deeply within her, as she believes that everything has its own place and there is beauty in that which is born.

Bansri's background has greatly influenced her art. She guides children and adults through their artistic journeys, facilitating workshops and creating interdisciplinary experiences. She is a founder and head of 'art YOUR way', an organization based in Rajkot, Gujrat, India, that facilitates students and hosts a small art community. This community blends music, painting, media, writing, crafting, and print making to create wholesome experiences.

Her journey to art was inspired by moments of self-doubt and questioning. This dialogue with her own self led her to find a way to express herself, and she found art. She connects with her audience and collectors through various social platforms like Instagram, Wildr, Facebook, and LinkedIn. She also deeply acknowledges the support from her spiritual master, OmSwami - Monk, Author, Entrepreneur, who has bought many of her art pieces. Her art pieces are also showcased internationally at RED DOT MIAMI.

Her inspiration for her work comes from vast sources. Sometimes, it is the simple process of making art that inspires her. The way the ink spreads, the drops of water and turpentine pushing each other away, or even the little spot of rubbing alcohol creating a volcanic explosion illusion, give her immense delight and inspiration. She doesn't seek anything beyond her canvas.

Bansri's unique artistic style is a blend of action and consciousness. Her process involves the use of lines, dots, textures, and patterns in a gestural manner. Watching ink play in the process of mark making mesmerizes her and often leads to inspiration. Then on paper, she is left with undeniable beauty.

Her future plans involve working on a series of artworks that play with dark and light, inclusiveness, mental health, self-discovery, hope, acceptance, and more. She also plans to take her art education platform, 'art YOUR way,' to the West, catering to facilitating art for children and adults.

Despite the challenges of finding stability and marketing her art, Bansri remains committed to her artistic journey. She believes in the beauty of imperfections and rejoices in them through her art. Her authenticity to the process and her ability to bring forth and exhibit her true authentic self to the canvas makes her art unique in the industry.

Bansri's art stands out for its spiritual connection. Her art seeks its seeker, calling out to those who resonate with its thoughts and aesthetics. Follow Bansri's artistic journey as she continues to create art that seeks its seeker and brings light to the world.

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