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Unleashing Emotions through Art: An Intimate Interview with Paula Valladares, the Artist behind PAULA'S Artistry

PAULA'S Artistry, the pseudonym of emerging Chilean artist Paula Valladares, is a name gaining recognition in the international art scene. With a unique style that combines emotion, femininity, and a fascination with the abstract, Paula's pieces are as much an exploration of herself as they are an exploration of color and texture.

Paula is a self-taught artist from Chile. Her journey into the realm of art began in her childhood, sparked by an inherent attraction to painting, colors, textures, and oxidations. This early fascination, particularly with abstraction, has allowed her to develop her distinctive style organically.

Paula's art is deeply personal and introspective. Her oil paintings, which she describes as 'waves of guarded emotions,' are a particular point of pride. These pieces are not just creations, but expressions of her innermost feelings, often inspired by music. The abstract nature of these works allows the emotions to flow freely, creating a palpable connection between the artist and the viewer.

Her Agates series represents femininity—a secret, delicate world filled with stories stored in the most intimate depths. Paula likens this series to a fascinating world akin to a constellation or an intense sea. Each piece is a unique exploration of female narratives and experiences, further enriching Paula's artistry.

Paula’s preference for mediums has evolved over time. While she initially focused more on oil, she currently enjoys working with watercolor. This shift has allowed her to express her emotions and ideas in a different, more fluid form. Yet, regardless of the medium, Paula’s art continues to stand out for its positive mystery and great relaxation. Her pieces are captivating, inviting viewers to keep looking and discovering new aspects and depths.

Paula connects with her audience and collectors in various ways. She participates in outdoor places called Bazaars, where she interacts with visitors, sharing insights about her art and creative process. She also maintains a strong presence on Instagram, providing a virtual platform for her audience to engage with her work and follow her artistic journey.

Paula's art is as much about her own expression as it is about inspiring others. Her inspiration comes from music and mood swings, which often make her vibrate to the maximum. Her unique style is oriented towards the release of guarded emotions, using palettes of blues, turquoises, and golds. Each piece carries a part of her interior, symbolizing her second chance at life and how every second counts. This emotional depth and personal connection make her work all the more powerful and engaging.

Paula Valladares Art

Paula Valladares showcasing her art pieces that represent a delicate world of femininity and emotions.

Paula has big plans for the future. She aspires to teach painting to people interested in art and provide art therapy for sexually violated women. This goal reflects her belief in the therapeutic and transformative power of art, as well as her commitment to using her skills and platform to make a positive impact.

Paula's biggest challenge as an artist has been showcasing and selling her work abroad. However, she has successfully overcome this challenge, having already participated in virtual exhibitions in France from Mombo Art Gallery with Oil, Peruia Italy in Premioanimalatina 2023 with Watercolors, then in October Carousel de Louvre Paris, Watercolor work in person. And finally, in November in Art week 2023 in Santiago, Chile, she participated with more than 150 national and foreign artists.

Paula Valladares is not just an artist, but a storyteller and a visionary. Her art is a reflection of her experiences, emotions, and worldview, serving as a bridge between her and her audience. With her unique style and compelling narratives, Paula continues to make her mark in the international art scene, pushing boundaries and inspiring others along the way.

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