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Tom Havlasek: The Motorsport Artist with a Love for Cycling

Discover Tom Havlasek: Master of Motorsport Artistry

Tom Havlasek, born in 1984 in Brno, Czech Republic, has garnered international acclaim for his distinct approach to art that beautifully combines the fervor of motorsport with the grace of traditional painting. The powerful impact of Havlasek’s work derives not only from his masterful technique but also from his genuine passion for the sport. Equally fascinated by road cycling, Havlasek often paints the Tour de France winners, highlighting them in his characteristic style. His artwork resonates strongly with the athletes he depicts, leading to personal interactions, like the one with the 2021 Tour de France winner, Tadej Pogacar.

The Origin Story

From a young age, Havlasek found himself enamored with motorsports. Despite graduating from secondary school with a specialization in computer graphic design, his predilection for handcraft art was already asserting itself. His career took an unusual path for a fine artist: Havlasek began as a legal graffiti artist. Street art was a compelling medium for him, allowing him to express his creativity and raw talent on an urban canvas. But as his artistic perspective evolved, Havlasek found himself drawn towards more traditional mediums. He began experimenting with canvas and acrylics, seeking permanence beyond the ephemeral nature of street art.

Tom Havlasek

Connecting with the Audience

The road to artistic success is rarely straightforward. Havlasek admits that one of his significant challenges has been connecting with his audience and art collectors. Although he candidly acknowledges his strengths are more aligned with artistry than management, he found success in promoting his artwork through social networks. His approach to networking led him to build valuable partnerships with art sellers across Europe, further expanding his reach.

Inspiration and Vision

Many of Havlasek's ideas stem from his personal experiences at prestigious motorsport events like Le Mans, Monaco Grand Prix, and countless others across Europe. The charged atmosphere, the narratives of the cars and drivers, all blend to fuel his creativity. His dream is to travel to the USA to absorb and capture its unique motorsport culture in his works.

A piece from Tom Havlasek's art collection

The Hallmarks of Havlasek's Style

Havlasek's distinctive artistic style sets him apart. His work often begins with an abstract painting, filled with splashes and drops, providing a vibrant base. He then integrates elements from old newspapers and magazines to create a layered collage, more visible in some works than others. After this initial phase, Havlasek moves on to the central object, usually a car. He carefully paints the details and shadows with a small brush, creating a vivid and accurate depiction of the vehicle. His distinctive style, combined with bright colors and generous deposits of paint, ensures that Havlasek's art is instantly recognizable.

Artistic Challenges and the Path Ahead

While Havlasek's skill as a motorsport artist is unquestionable, he admits that painting portraits has always been a significant challenge for him. His strategy to overcome this obstacle is simple yet effective – relentless practice, patience, and self-belief. His unwavering commitment to self-improvement has allowed him to master this challenging aspect of his craft.

As he looks to the future, Havlasek's plans include tackling more large-scale canvases and exploring modern Formula 1 themes. He also dreams of hosting an exhibition in the US, further establishing his presence in the global art scene.

Tom Havlasek's painting of a motorsport driver

Medium and Technique

Over the last decade, Havlasek has primarily used acrylic colors on his preferred canvas sizes of 95*95cm or panoramic 65*165cm. On rare occasions, he has ventured into a larger scale, utilizing a 175*175cm canvas. His unique method of combining abstract backgrounds with concrete objects in the foreground, along with splashes, drops, and blurs, instills dynamism in his art.


Tom Havlasek continues to create waves in the art industry with his innovative blending of abstract and realistic elements, particularly his meticulous renderings of cars set against his iconic collage-like backgrounds. Whether he's painting a victorious Tour de France cyclist or a race car from a celebrated motorsport event, Havlasek's artwork captures not just the image but the spirit of the sport. His journey as an artist serves as an inspiration for aspiring creators, a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and the willingness to evolve.

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