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Thomas Bienert: Master of Digital Art and Photography

German artist Thomas Bienert, a graduate in visual communication and an experienced creative director, has carved a significant niche in the realm of digital art and photography. His unique ability to merge photography with digital painting has garnered him admiration from art enthusiasts worldwide.

Bienert's journey into the world of art began during his studies when he first came into contact with artists. However, it took him 33 years in advertising to solely focus on art. During these years, he skillfully married the skills he acquired from his father, who taught him how to use a camera, and his advertising job where he mastered the use of a computer and software such as Photoshop. His unique artistic style is a fusion of these two skills.

Refining His Technique

Bienert's art is invariably based on one or more photos he captures. His unique style is a photo collage, always vivid and often abstract. Using his 15" MacBook Pro, he crafts digital collages and reprocesses them with digital painting and various processing techniques to set colored light. He views himself more as an artist working with a camera and computer rather than a traditional photographer. His art distinguishes itself in the industry with its unique style that portrays a blend of photography and digital painting.

Engaging with the World

Thomas Bienert is represented by various galleries and curators across the globe. He uses social media as a platform to interact with collectors and followers. His work draws inspiration from museums, galleries, nature, and the creative and artistic work of others. He has a vast digital collection of leaves, plants, trees, clouds, and assorted patterns, all captured by himself, which often find their way into his artworks. Instagram is also a significant source of inspiration for him.

A Cherished Work and Its Story

One of his proud creations is the story of "The day before Irving Penn shot his famous flowers". This artwork was part of his series called THE DAY BEFORE. This series encapsulates a moment from a day before life changed for a person in an abstract manner. This piece led to his feature in British Vogue and exhibitions in Paris and Venice, Italy. It marked the beginning of his flower series, which received the most positive response of all his works.

His Future Aspirations

Thomas Bienert's ambition is to have more solo shows and improve his standing in the art world. He is always striving to enhance his work and firmly believes that the best is yet to come.

Overcoming Obstacles

When the pandemic forced many galleries and events to close, he did not wait but participated in art fairs and exhibitions where it was possible. This determination helped him to stay motivated, and he found his first gallery that showcased his work in many locations worldwide.

The Genesis of His Artistic Journey

At the age of 22, during his studies, Bienert first made contact with artists, but it took him 33 years in advertising to exclusively focus on art. Throughout his career in advertising, he constantly nurtured his artistic inclinations. His father taught him how to use a camera during his teenage years, and he always had one or more cameras at every stage of his life. In his advertising job, he learned to use a computer and software such as Photoshop. He combined both skills to create his unique artwork.

The Story Behind His Prized Work

"The day before Irving Penn shot his famous flowers" is a piece of work that holds a special place in Bienert's heart. An abstract depiction of a moment before life-altering change, it was part of his series, THE DAY BEFORE. The concept behind this series is to portray such pivotal moments in an abstract manner. This piece received widespread acclaim, leading to his feature in British Vogue and exhibitions in Paris and Venice, Italy. It also marked the beginning of his flower series, which was met with immense positive response.

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