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The Artistic Journey of Isabel O'Connell: Crafting Worlds Through Illustration and Animation


Delving into the creative world of Isabel O'Connell, a 21-year-old artist studying in her final year at the University of Hartford. Isabel is working towards an illustration major and an animation minor. Her unique artistry intertwines her affection for folklore, engagement with modern media, and interest in creature design. Isabel originates from Eastern Massachusetts, in proximity to the historically rich town of Salem. Her supportive family and a multitude of aunts and uncles have always been her biggest cheerleaders, appreciating and encouraging her artistic talent.

Isabel's artistic journey began in her childhood, with a fascination for drawing her favorite animal - cats. This interest soon evolved to include sketching her beloved cartoon characters. She honed her skills through YouTube tutorials and online drawing guides, eventually attending summer art classes. By high school, Isabel knew that she wanted to transform this skill, which brought her so much joy, into a career.

Isabel OIsabel O'Connell's proudest creation - an oil painting featuring a group of little dragons being given a coin, a piece which challenged her skills and brought out her best.

Artistic Beginnings

Isabel's immersion into the art world was initially fueled by her love for drawing her favorite animal, cats. Over time, she diversified her skills by sketching her favorite cartoon characters and improving her skills via YouTube tutorials and Google drawing guides. Her consistent dedication to the craft saw her attending art classes during summer breaks, and by the time she was in high school, she had already decided to transition her hobby into a full-fledged career.

Connecting with Art Lovers

Isabel reaches out to her audience and art collectors through her Instagram platform, where she regularly shares her latest creations. Her unique style combines elements of semi-realism and cartoonish attributes, drawing inspiration from a mix of folklore and modern media. She often looks to more experienced artists for stylistic inspiration. Her preferred mediums are acrylic paints, various inks, and watercolor paints. She enjoys playing with black and white, but primarily works in color given her affinity for creature design.

Future Plans and Goals

Post-graduation, Isabel aspires to join a game or comic-related company where she can apply her illustration skills. Alongside this, she intends to refine her animation skills to a level where she can confidently release animations in conjunction with her illustrations on her Instagram page. Her goal is to create a diverse portfolio that showcases her talent in both static and moving art forms.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Isabel's biggest challenge as an artist has been maintaining her motivation to create. Even though the joy of creating new pieces is immense, initiating the process can sometimes be a daunting task. To overcome this, she revisits old stories, delves into various media, and engages in insightful discussions with her artist friends. This helps her to keep her creative juices flowing and push past the initial resistance to start.

Making a Mark in the Industry

Isabel's illustrations stand out due to their unique mix of real and imaginary creatures and characters, with a specific emphasis on mythical creatures like dragons. Her unique perspective on different mythos and her ability to infuse her own characters into her work add a distinctive voice to her art. These elements, combined with her unique style and vivid use of color, help her work stand out in the industry.

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