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The Artistic Journey of Eric Bushee: From Repetition to Variation

An Unveiling of Washington-Based Artist, Eric Bushee: His Life, Artistic Evolution, and Endeavours

Brazil vs France

Image: 'Brazil vs France' - An exemplary piece from Bushee's globally acclaimed Lucky Pitch Project.

The Unfolding of an Artistic Journey

Eric Bushee, a distinguished artist from Washington, DC, traces his connection with the world of art back to his early childhood days. His mother, a passionate art teacher in a local middle school, introduced him to the captivating realm of colors and diverse art materials. Bushee's artistic inclinations became more vivid and defined over time, ultimately guiding him to join the esteemed Washington Printmakers Gallery, where he showcased his latest editions in February 2023, receiving a warm review from The Washington Post for his Arches Series and Lucky Pitch Series.

An Unparalleled Artistic Style

Bushee's unique artistic style is a product of his deliberate and thoughtful application of repetition and variation in his prints, a distinctive characteristic drawn from his deep appreciation for printmaking. This technique allows him to create a delicate balance between the commercial and the individual, a principle evident in one of his favorite pieces from the Lucky Pitch Project, "Brazil vs France". This piece features a variation in the printing technique, with a swivel motion creating minor white areas on a black substrate, making each print unique while still maintaining the core idea of repetition.

Finding Inspiration in Life and Art

Life, politics, and the ongoing journey towards peace and love serve as Bushee's primary inspirations. He leverages these profound themes to pave the way for an influx of ideas, further channeling these inspirations through the artistic styles of revered artists such as Frank Stella, Josef Albers, and Ken Tyler. Bushee's work pays homage to these artists while simultaneously preserving his individuality, a combination that sets his work apart in the industry.

Reaching Out and Connecting

Striving to connect with his audience and fellow artists, Bushee actively participates in art shows, engages in artist talks, and interacts through Instagram. He frequents local shows, embracing opportunities to connect with his artistic community. His commitment to sharing his work and engaging with his audience illuminates his strong belief in the power of community.

Overcoming Challenges: A Continuous Journey

Representation and communication, particularly through writing, has been one of the more challenging aspects for Bushee. Despite his vivid and robust imagination, translating his visions into comprehensible writing is a hurdle. However, with an unwavering commitment, he continues to strive for clear communication, representation, and understanding.

Exploration of Mediums and Themes

Bushee's current focus lies in printmaking, with a recent series of six woodblock prints collaborating with filmmakers for a show. Before this, he created several impressive screen-prints. Looking ahead, his upcoming project is set to explore the realm of lithography, a testament to his continuous exploration of different mediums in his artistic journey.

Looking Ahead: Aspirations and Projects

Bushee is determined to showcase his Lucky Pitch Series internationally, transforming it into the Lucky Pitch Project. This project aims to encourage international unity using art and film to reveal shared human experiences of disappointment, faith, pain, and talent. Additionally, he is also working on a project inspired by Bryan Stevenson's speech, 'Beyond Colonial Histories', hoping that this project will find its place in the esteemed Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.

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