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The Art of Transcending: A Deep Dive into the World of Domas Glatkauskas

Domas Glatkauskas: Transcending the Ordinary through a Journey of Self-Discovery

Art has the power to transcend the ordinary, to transform objects, people, and emotions into something new and extraordinary. One artist who embodies this power is Domas Glatkauskas. Originally from Lithuania, Glatkauskas has honed his unique artistic style over years of experience, creating works that are both deeply personal and universally relatable.

Domas Glatkauskas painting

A(n)ge(nt)l , 2023 , acrylic and house paint, biro pen, pencil, charcoal, on paper glued with pva on top of the linen canvas.

An Artist's Journey: Domas Glatkauskas

Glatkauskas, 31, hails from Lithuania but spent 11 years living and creating in London. His artistic journey began at a young age, where he was exposed to the world of art through his grandfather’s workshop. The influence of his grandfather, a pioneer in the art movement in his hometown of Druskininkai, is palpable in Glatkauskas’ work. His formative years were marked by a blend of skateboarding, art, and an array of life experiences including a stint at Wimbledon College of Arts, a marriage and divorce, and numerous odd jobs, all of which have deeply influenced his art practice.

The Making of a Masterpiece: A Tale of Love and Self-Discovery

Among Glatkauskas' works, one that stands out is a painting of a close friend, Eve. The painting, still a work in progress, is more than just a physical representation of Eve. It is a reflection of complex emotions and relationships that have shaped Glatkauskas' life. His love for her, his quest for understanding love itself, and his struggle with ego and perfectionism are all evident in this piece. The painting serves as a testament to Glatkauskas' ongoing journey of self-discovery and his courage to expose the raw and imperfect process of creation.

Artistic Style and Inspiration

Glatkauskas' unique artistic style, which he refers to as auto-bio-hiero-glyitchphings, is a blend of traditional and contemporary influences. He creates large-scale, black and white portraits using a mix of mediums, including house and acrylic paints, biro pens, and pencils. By incorporating elements of his personal life and experiences, Glatkauskas is able to create deeply autobiographical works that resonate with viewers on a universal level. His work draws inspiration from sources as diverse as nature, music, the New York art scene of the 1980s, literature, and his own life experiences.

A Continuous Journey of Self-Discovery

One of the most compelling aspects of Glatkauskas’ work is his ongoing exploration of self. His work often grapples with concepts of love, ego, and the human condition. This introspective approach is exemplified in his current project, a portrait of his friend, Eve. Glatkauskas shares that the painting is not just a physical representation of his friend, but a reflection of the complex emotions and relationships that have shaped his life. His journey of self-discovery is a continuous process, one that he willingly shares with the world through his art.

Future Plans and Goals

Glatkauskas is continuously evolving as an artist, with plans to create larger works and further experiment with his unique style. His future goals include international representation and a studio space in New York. Ultimately, he hopes to inspire viewers to connect with their own emotions and experiences through his art. He envisions his art taking him around the world, allowing him to share his journey and his message of love and self-discovery.


Glatkauskas’ art stands as a testimony to the transformative power of self-expression. Through his work, we are reminded of the beauty in the ordinary, the complexity of human emotion, and the importance of staying true to oneself. As he continues to share his journey with us, we look forward to seeing how his art evolves and impacts the world around him. His unique style and the depth of emotion in his work make him stand out in the art industry, drawing the viewer into a world of introspection and emotional exploration.

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