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Smirkingkills: Unmasking the Vibrant Colors and Striking Imagery of Shane Killian

An In-depth Look at Smirkingkills: The Vibrant Colors and Striking Imagery of Shane Killian

Shane Killian, a native Bay Area artist born in Oakland and now residing in San Francisco, is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. Known better by his moniker, Smirkingkills, Shane has made a name for himself through his bold use of vibrant colors and striking imagery. His unique style, influenced by his background in animation and media arts, has been turning heads and piquing interest.

Shane’s journey into the realm of art wasn’t a conventional one. After completing his studies at The Art Institute of California- San Francisco, where he specialized in animation and media arts, Shane found himself drawn to painting and photography. In the first three months after leaving art school, he produced over 100 paintings, a feat that confirmed his calling in life.

artist artwork

Artwork by Smirkingkills

An Unconventional Artistic Journey

One of Shane's most memorable pieces was inspired by a dream where he was a dinosaur. Such unorthodox sources of inspiration are what make his work unique and captivating. His preference for bright colors with dark black India ink outlines creates a striking contrast that sets his work apart from others. This style, which has been compared to the works of Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Jean Michel-Basquiat, has its roots in Shane’s studies in animation and media arts.

Connecting with the Audience

Shane firmly believes in the importance of connecting with his audience and collectors. He does this both face-to-face and online, primarily through Instagram. His inspiration is drawn from life in general, and he aims to monetize his old art in the future. This connection with his audience is a significant part of his work, allowing him to share his unique perspective and engage in meaningful conversations about art.

Overcoming Challenges

The recent quarantine posed a significant challenge for Shane, as it prevented him from interacting with his fanbase in person. However, now that the quarantine has essentially ended, he is eager to get back to doing what he loves – creating art and connecting with his audience.

The Craft of Smirkingkills

Shane primarily creates large paintings using a variety of mediums. His favorites include gouache, acrylic, India ink, and spray paint. His art stands out in the industry due to its originality and uniqueness. As Shane puts it, “It’s totally original and there’s nothing like it.” This level of originality is what has allowed Shane to carve out a niche for himself in the competitive art industry.

Looking Ahead

With a clear vision for his future, Shane plans to continue developing his unique style and sharing his work with the world. Despite the challenges he has faced, his passion for art and his commitment to his craft remain unwavering. Whether it’s through the bold colors and striking imagery of his paintings or his ability to connect with his audience, one thing is certain - Smirkingkills is an artist to watch.

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