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Robert Moy: Breathing Life into Art with Balloons

Exploring the limitless canvas of creativity, meet Robert Moy, an artist who has turned the playful and transient medium of balloons into permanent and awe-inspiring pieces of art.

Robert Moy, popularly known by his artist name Robert Moy, is an Asian American balloon artist and sculptor, born and raised in South Eastern Connecticut. Inspired by the unfettered creativity of art since his elementary school days, Moy's artistic journey did not follow the conventional route of art school. Instead, he pursued a degree in Mass Communications, specializing in advertising, from Boston University, but fate had a different plan in store for him.

Post his graduation, Moy dipped his toes into the world of jewelry design. Equipped with knowledge from evening classes at F.I.T., he launched his own line of fine fashion jewelry. However, the universe conspired to steer him towards a different artistic path after a balloon artist ignited his curiosity at his son's 4th birthday party. Since then, for the past 13 years, Moy has been transforming balloons into large-scale installations and decor, creating a unique niche for himself in the world of art.

His fascination with balloons took a more profound turn when he started experimenting with resin. He began creating inflated balloons, each meticulously dripped in 20 coats of resin, sanded, polished, and painted. This painstaking and time-consuming process has culminated in the creation of unique pieces that have not only stood out in the industry but have also been showcased in several gallery group shows. In November, his work will take center stage at his first museum show at the Mattatuck Museum.

Robert Moy artwork
Robert Moy's extraordinary balloon art piece.

One of his most acclaimed works is a resplendent resin balloon sculpture crafted for the Louis Vuitton 200 Visionaries 200 Trunks exhibition in 2020. Louis Vuitton gave him the freedom to create anything inspired by their iconic trunk, and Moy didn't disappoint. He constructed a sculpture made of 122 resin balloons in the shape of their trunk. The exhibition travelled from Paris to Singapore, Beverly Hills, and concluded in New York. The overwhelmingly positive reaction led to Moy being asked to create a balloon room for the sculpture in New York. This sculpture, along with the other trunks made by visionaries, will be auctioned off at Sotheby's later this year.

Despite the hurdles he encountered as an artist, Moy's unique niche in the balloon business has helped him overcome challenges, particularly those related to confidence and finances. As an emerging artist in the domain of fine art sculpture, Moy has been successful in connecting with his audience and collectors through his work at events and installations for major fashion houses.

Inspiration for Moy's work comes from various sources - pop culture, Dada, fashion, and his experiences of growing up in an immigrant family. His artistic style is a harmonious blend of his fashion background, low brow humor, pop culture, and Dada, resulting in ultra-contemporary pieces that resonate with his audience.

Looking forward, Moy has ambitious plans for his art. He is currently recreating his childhood room with balloons, a project that he expects might take one to two years to complete. Despite the challenges, Moy is excited about the prospect of showcasing this work at an art fair in the future.

Moy's art stands out in the industry as he is one of the few artists globally who work with balloons. The meticulous process of coating the inflated balloons with resin is both time-consuming and expensive, adding to the uniqueness of his creations. This journey of transforming delicate and ephemeral balloons into permanent and stunning pieces of art cements Moy's position as a truly unique and accomplished artist.

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