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Robb Spath: A Vibrant Journey Through Collage Art

A Deeper Look into the World of Robb Spath

Delve into the captivating universe of Robb Spath, a renowned artist who creates a mesmerizing world of collage art through the use of vibrant colors and intricate layers. In this in-depth interview, Robb takes us through his unique journey from being an aspiring actor to becoming an acclaimed artist, sharing his inspirations, challenges, and future plans along the way.

Flowers and snails by Robb Spath

"Flowers and Snails", a cherished piece by Robb Spath, from the Philadelphia collage works Rainbow show reflects the artist's penchant for imbuing deep meaning in seemingly serene imagery.

From Stage Lights to Collage Art

Robb's journey to the world of arts was far from conventional. He initially left his small town in upstate New York in the late 90s, pursuing a degree in theatre at the University of the Arts. Confident in his acting abilities and attracted to the allure of the spotlight, Robb was sure that acting was his true calling. However, life had a different path in store for him, leading him into the restaurant industry, where he worked in some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. It wasn't until several years later that he discovered his true passion in collage art.

An Unexpected Journey into Art

Robb's initiation into art came about serendipitously when he discovered a book of Gig Posters at a thrift store. The book, coupled with a significant amount of free time from a job termination, sparked Robb's fascination with the edgy interpretations of the bands he loved. This fascination quickly turned into an obsession, eventually leading him to create his own pieces. Ever since, music has served as a core influence in his artistic development.

A Unique Connection with Clients

Robb has a unique way of connecting with his clients and audience. He particularly enjoys doing commissioned works, where he uses the client-selected music as a soundtrack while creating the piece. This unique approach not only adds a personal touch to his work but also helps him establish a deeper connection with his audience.

Finding Inspiration in the Ordinary and Extraordinary

Robb believes that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. It can be a result of him navigating through personal issues, or a reaction to an expression or phrase that catches his attention. He has drawn inspiration from sources as varied as clichéd phrases to complex expressions, challenging him to continuously evolve and adapt in the unpredictable world of art.

Challenging the Norms through Art

Identifying himself as an 'image jockey', Robb uses found images and materials to create distinctive art that encourages viewers to question their assumptions and see the world from a different perspective. His work stands out due to its provocative content, abundant use of strong color palettes, and intricate layering, often involving hundreds of small cutouts.

Ambitions and Aspirations

Robb has ambitious plans for his future works. He intends to experiment further, merging the worlds of hand-cut collage and miniatures to make his work more interactive. He is also looking forward to collaborating with artists having different styles, adding more diversity and depth to his art.

Overcoming Self-Doubts

Despite his growing success, Robb admits to grappling with the challenge of recognizing himself as a visual artist. His art journey started as a way to combat idle hands and racing thoughts, and he had never imagined it would evolve into something he'd share with the world. However, he continues to stay committed to his art, using it as a tool to navigate through life's complexities.

Exploring Various Mediums

Robb works mainly with hand-cut collage and mixed media. He has used anything from street signs to canvas as a base for his creations. In the beginning, he would use demo photos that came with frames or any other material he could glue paper to. Lately, however, he has found satisfaction in using a solid art board as it offers a sturdy platform for his vibrant collages.

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