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Pallabi Chiring: The Artist Behind the Canvas

Meet Pallabi Chiring: An Artistic Force

Pallabi Chiring, an incredibly talented artist hailing from Assam, a beautiful state in India, has been expressing her emotions through her vibrant paintings since the tender age of four. With a background in the corporate sector, her journey from a 7-year corporate employee to embracing her passion as a full-time artist is an inspiring tale of passion, perseverance, and the unyielding support of her family, particularly her father and husband.

Pallabi Chiring Art

One of Pallabi's vibrant works, reflecting her emotions and experiences.

A Masterpiece that Tells a Story

Pallabi's fluid painting, displayed prominently in her profile picture, is a work she is particularly proud of. It encapsulates the euphoria she felt upon reuniting with her husband after three long years. The fluorescent hues represent her youthful spirit and millennial instincts, while the red color symbolizes their shared love and sacrifices. The peaceful feeling in her heart, upon seeing her husband, is mirrored by the use of white and pink. The bright, vivid color combination also echoes the stunning fall season, reminiscent of her first arrival in the USA.

Roots and Wings: The Journey of a Passionate Artist

Pallabi's artistic journey took flight under the mentorship of her father, who introduced her to the enchanting world of crafts during her idle summer holidays. Her repertoire has since expanded to include landscape, abstract, fluid, sketch, doodle, and oil paintings, earning her recognition and accolades. Her art is a vivid representation of her diverse feelings and experiences throughout the day, sometimes chaotic, sometimes calm. It is deeply rooted in her feelings, heritage, and surroundings, and like human emotions, it is not confined to the boundaries of perfection.

Connecting and Inspiring

Pallabi connects with her audience and collectors through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She has always dreamt of opening an art gallery to showcase her paintings and inspire the next generation of artists to articulate their feelings through painting.

Overcoming Challenges

As a new mother, Pallabi faces the challenge of striking a harmonious balance between her passion for art and parenting. However, she is determined to overcome this by creating a harmonious balance between the two, thus demonstrating that it is entirely possible to pursue one's passion while fulfilling one's responsibilities.

The Art of Emotion

Pallabi's art stands out in the industry due to its emotional depth and authenticity. She believes human beings experience around 400 emotions a day, and sticking to just one emotion is extremely difficult. Her art, therefore, reflects the strong emotions she experiences throughout the day, thus making each piece unique and relatable.

Art, the Language of the Soul

Whether it's landscape, abstract, fluid, sketch, doodles, or oil paintings, Pallabi articulates her memories and feelings through her preferred mediums. She is constantly learning more about color theory to infuse her memories into her art more effectively. Her art is not simply an expression but a conversation she has with her audience, making each piece a personal and intimate experience.

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