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Melting Skies: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Photography

Meet Melting Skies: An Emerging Artist with a Unique Perspective

Melting SkiesGreat Experiences Start Here

From Mississippi to Texas: The Journey of Melting Skies

Born Turner Ray in Mississippi, the artist known as Melting Skies has always had a passion for art. From drumming on pots and pans as a child, to exploring various mediums such as painting, poetry, and photography, he has always been keen on expressing himself creatively. His father's death when he was 3 marked a major turning point in his life, leading him to move to Texas at the age of 6 after his mother remarried. In his new home, Ray continued to explore his artistic interests, dabbling in everything he could lay his hands on due to his ADHD.

Discovering His Passion for Photography

Ray’s fascination with photography began in the 6th grade when he joined a random club at school. He started off with his iPad, taking photos of anything that caught his eye. Over time, his passion for photography grew, leading him to acquire a Canon T6 Rebel in 10th grade, which he used extensively to take photos during his quarantine period. This period was when he really started taking his craft seriously. Now a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Ray is majoring in architecture with a minor in photography. His love for art was also influenced by his own father who was an artist. Seeing his works at a young age, Ray felt a deeper connection with him and himself.

Connecting with His Audience

One of the ways Ray connects with his audience is by engaging in conversations with them. He believes in understanding his audience and allowing them to interpret his art in their own unique ways. He also believes that inspiration cannot be sought but must come naturally. His art is a reflection of his perception of the world around him and his experiences. He believes that the best way for his audience to understand his work is by having some context while interpreting it in their own way.

Future Plans and Goals

Although he enjoys creating art, Ray isn’t concerned about making money from it. His primary goal is to share his perspective with others. One of his future plans includes designing his own museum where he can showcase his art and that of his friends. He wants to continue enjoying his art, regardless of whether it brings in money or not. The idea of designing his own museum stems from his major in architecture, and he hopes to share not only his own art but the works of his friends as well.

Overcoming Challenges

Like many artists, Ray has faced challenges in his journey. One of his biggest challenges has been self-support. Despite recognizing his talent, he sometimes doubts the quality of his work. But with self-awareness and perseverance, he continues to overcome these self-doubts and strives to showcase his true vision through his art. He believes that he will have overcome this challenge when he is able to truly show what he sees, rather than just an idea of it.

Creating Unique Art

Ray’s main medium is digital photography, ranging from abstract architectural photography to candid street photography. His unique technique and skill set make his art stand out in the industry. He rarely edits his photos, preferring to adjust his settings mid-shoot to achieve the perfect lighting and vibe. His trained eye for symmetry allows him to naturally align elements in his shots. Apart from photography, Ray also creates music, playing the drums, guitar, and piano, and uses FL Studio to mix. He also enjoys painting with watercolors and drawing with ink or digitally.

Standout Work: The Raw Series

One of the works that Ray is particularly proud of is his Raw series on Instagram, especially the first and second photos. He feels these are his most interpretive photos as they tell stories using the environment around the subject along with the connections with what the subjects are holding in the photos.

The Artistic Style of Melting Skies

Describing his unique artistic style, Ray is still in the process of finding the perfect words. However, as of now, he would describe it as reflections. The world reflects upon itself often, and each reflection seems to line up perfectly in his eyes and through his camera. His art is essentially a reflection of his eye and the world around him.

Making a Mark in the Industry

In a humble manner, Ray acknowledges that his technique and skill set make his art stand out in the industry. His rare use of edits and his inherent eye for symmetry contribute to the uniqueness of his work. He adheres to the rule of thirds, and sometimes even the rule of 9ths, to naturally line up elements in his sight. This way, his photos are as clean as they can be, and even when they're not, it's purposeful.

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