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Meet Qin Shen: The Visual Artist Bridging Cultures and Emotions Through Art

An In-depth exploration into the Artistic Journey of Qin Shen

Art, an intimate language of the soul, finds its vibrant expression in the works of Qin Shen, a New York-based visual artist and illustrator. Known by her artist name, Qin, she has been stirring the art scene with her unique interpretations of personal and universal themes and her distinctive use of color.

Can(‘t) Be Melancholic, 15.52 x 20.70" .

The Artworks that Echo Qin's Inner Voice

Two notable masterpieces that Qin takes immense pride in are a digital illustration titled 'Can(’t) Be Melancholic' and a ceramic project named 'Saccharin'. 'Can(’t) Be Melancholic' portrays Guanyin, the embodiment of compassion, in a light that challenges conventional perspectives. It invites viewers to ponder upon the idea of self-care and self-love, even for powerful figures like Guanyin who might also experience moments of melancholy. 'Saccharin', represents Qin's first venture into 3D art and is a series of mould-making sculptures. The project serves as a commentary on the bitter-sweet nature of love, drawing parallels to the artificial sweetener saccharin.

Changshu to New York: Qin's Artistic Evolution

Born in Changshu, a small town-city in China, Qin grew up amidst a blend of urban and rural influences. Her curiosity towards visual art was ignited at an early age through storybooks, cartoon DVDs, and stickers. As she grew older, she was drawn to the freedom of expressing her ideas through art. This passion for creating surrealistic images with vibrant colors led her to pursue her BFA Degree in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Building Connections through Art

Qin believes in the power of art to create a bond between people. By sharing her personal experiences and stories through her works, she aims to show her audience that they are not alone in their feelings and thoughts. Her art serves as a comforting reminder to her audience that their feelings are valid and understood.

Defining the Qin Artistic Style

While Qin doesn't believe she has a distinct visual style, her works are immediately recognizable to her friends and followers due to her unique color schemes. She has a penchant for vibrant, neon, and shiny metallic colors, and often incorporates symbols to convey messages and concepts. The emotions and feelings expressed in her works are bold, making them easily resonate with viewers.

The Future of Qin's Art

As a senior year student majoring in Illustration, Qin is currently working on her thesis and exploring different techniques like printmaking and book binding. She is also planning to pursue a Master Degree in Fine Arts, where she intends to work on new projects including interactive installations, paintings, and prints.

Overcoming Challenges in the Art World

Like many artists, Qin struggled with establishing a distinct personal style. But she soon realized that genuineness and sincerity are the keys to good art. Following her own workflow and creating works in ways she feels comfortable with have allowed her to develop her own voice in the art world.

A Glimpse into Qin's Artistic Process

[Qin] enjoys working with traditional materials like oil paints, acrylic, and watercolors. She loves the tactile experience of working with these mediums and particularly enjoys the unpredictability of watercolor. For her school projects, she prefers to use Procreate on her iPad due to its flexibility and convenience. She also enjoys experimenting with different mediums and is always delighted by the unexpected outcomes when different materials are combined or mixed together.

Qin's Unique Artistic Identity

While Qin views herself as an artist still preparing to make her mark, she believes that the bold use of colors and the strong emotions expressed in her works make them stand out. She also feels that her unique life experiences, reflected in her art, contribute to her unique artistic identity.

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