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Lisa Ellen Hughes: A Journey Through Art, Animation and Self Expression

The dynamic and vibrant world of Lisa Ellen Hughes, a multidisciplinary artist specializing in animation, drawing, painting, digital painting, video, and installation art, is as intriguing as it is captivating. With a rich background in the arts, Hughes has been able to create a distinctive and influential style that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Unveiling a Masterpiece

One of Hughes' most cherished works is a Quadriptych called 'Lick my honey suckle'. This masterpiece was featured in several exhibitions, including her university graduation show at UNSW Art Design and Architecture in 2020. An art gallery named Gaffa Creative Precinct, which attended the university graduation show, selected this work to be featured in an annual graduation exhibition. They showcased a small number of students from various New South Wales universities for the prestigious event at Gaffa. 'Lick my honey suckle' was also chosen for the LGBTQIA+ exhibition, Unabbreviated, at Newcastle Museum in 2022.

'Lick my honeysuckle' - An acrylic painting on Italian canvas by Lisa Ellen Hughes

A Rich Background in Animation Studios

Hughes has worked for reputable animation studios such as Hanna Barbera, Yoram Gross Film Studios, Walt Disney, Catflap animation, Energee Australia, and Flying colours. Some of the well-known productions she has worked on include Teen Wolf, Pound Puppies, Scooby Doo, Bernstein Bears, Blinky Bill, Timon and Pumbaa, Lion King II, Aladdin King of Thieves, Gargoyles, Duck Days and The Magic Pudding. She also has a background in sound production and screen printing.

As a Lesbian multidisciplinary artist, Hughes specialises in animation, drawing, painting, digital painting, video and installation art. She loves to work in the Anthropocene, translating urban and natural landscapes to envelope the essence of intermixed textured surfaces, symbolism, and the poetic interpretation of conversational fluidity and varying interpretations of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Guided by Personal Experiences

Hughes began her artistic journey at a young age, using drawing to alleviate boredom and as a tool to aid memory retention following a head injury. This early experience has shaped her artistic approach, leading her to create vibrant narrative styles filled with symbolism.

Engaging the Audience

Hughes engages her audience through various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. She makes it a point to attend different exhibitions weekly and enter as many art prizes as she can. She organizes an exhibition at least once a year at various venues, ensuring a constant connection with her audience and collectors.

Inspiration and Style

Hughes draws inspiration from her surroundings, queer events, and her dreams. She seems to come up with her best ideas when she is either going to sleep, waking up or daydreaming. Her unique style is a blend of vibrant narratives and symbolism, often described as 'monkey brain' by her university lecturer for its unique ways of portraying her work.

Future Plans

Hughes has always planned to be a recognized artist internationally, especially in the USA and Australia. Her ultimate goal is to be self-funded by selling her art instead of working various jobs and creating in her spare time.

Overcoming Challenges

Like all artists, Hughes has faced her fair share of challenges. Being seen and recognized in the art world requires consistency and a tough skin for rejection. However, her most significant life challenge came in 2020 when she suffered a bleed to her left eye, affecting her ability to paint detail for a year. This setback led her to explore abstract art, which she now incorporates into her work, creating a unique and expressive style.

The Art of Lisa Ellen Hughes

Hughes works with various mediums, including acrylic, oils, video, and digital art. She loves all mediums of art and creates portraits and landscapes for the most part. She is a prolific photographer and uses these images to create a narrative composition. At university, she started creating installation art using various materials with her drawings, photography and paintings as the main focus. She enjoys creating like this the most.

Her artistry stands out for its vibrancy and storytelling, attracting audiences with its collage, mark making, and thin-thick painting techniques. Her work stands out in the industry due to its vibrancy and ability to tell a story.

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