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Kimberlee Habel-Moeser: A Vibrant Symphony of Art and Inspiration

Delve into the artistic world of Kimberlee Habel-Moeser, a passionate artist deeply inspired by the vibrant colors of nature, the aesthetic elements of graphic design, and the courage and tenacity of her artistic role models. Kimberlee, a resident of Bucks County, PA, deftly balances her professional career at her Graphic Design company, Hawk Graphics, Inc., with her ardent love for oil painting.

"Hawk Eyes"
Kimberlee-Habel Moeser

Art has been a constant in Kimberlee's life, even though she only turned to oil painting at the age of 40. In the early days of her artistic journey, she focused on capturing every subtle detail, every shadow and highlight, to ensure her paintings mirrored reality. However, after several visits to Santa Fe, New Mexico, she was profoundly moved by the striking contrast between the deep blue sky and the rich red rocks. This sensory feast triggered a transformation in her approach to art. She began to experiment, introducing bold and vibrant colors to her palette and allowing the rigid lines of her previous work to blur and fade away.

One of Kimberlee's most cherished works is 'Ode to O'Keefe', a painting deeply rooted in her admiration for Georgia O'Keefe, whom she reveres as 'the mother of modern art'. The painting isn't just a tribute to O'Keefe's artistic prowess, but also a celebration of her fearlessness and independence. It was O'Keefe's ability to carve out a life for herself as an artist in the desert during the 1930s that deeply resonates with Kimberlee. 'Ode to O'Keefe' is a symbolic representation of O'Keefe's life and work, featuring elements like the spiral sculpture she created, the jade plant from her living room, the white geraniums from her kitchen, and other items she loved to collect and paint.

Kimberlee's distinctive style is a harmonious blend of her graphics background, a bold and exciting color palette, and her knack for capturing the essence of her subjects. Her work strays from the conventional photographic representation of landscapes or people. Instead, she seeks to evoke a deeper connection between the viewer and the subject, revealing something more profound than what meets the eye.

Kimberlee draws inspiration from a myriad of sources. She takes thousands of photographs, hoping to find that one image that stirs her soul and sparks her creativity. Once she finds that spark, she can't wait to transform it into a painting and share it with the world. She connects with her audience through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and her website

Despite the challenges of gaining exposure in an industry teeming with talent, Kimberlee remains steadfast in her resolve. Her ambition is to continue making a name for herself in the art world and to find innovative ways to engage with collectors. She is deeply grateful for opportunities like the one provided by SMB Daily News, which help artists gain much-needed exposure.

Kimberlee's work primarily involves creating inspiring images using vivid colors and incorporating her graphic design skills. She prefers working with oils but occasionally uses acrylics when she wishes to incorporate metallic elements. Her unique style and the ability to capture the essence of her subjects are what make her art stand out.

Despite the hurdles that come with gaining exposure and achieving greater sales, Kimberlee refuses to be deterred. She is resolute in her belief that she was born to create art that touches people's souls, and she is determined to continue doing so, no matter what.

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