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Innovative Art Duo Stallman Studio Set to Unveil Groundbreaking Work at Art Miami 2023


Jason Hallman (Left) and Stephen Stum (Right)

New York, NY – Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum, collectively known as Stallman Studio, are proud to announce their upcoming participation in Art Miami 2023, one of the world's most recognized contemporary art fairs. As two creatives whose innovative work has sparked international recognition, they are eager to unveil their latest creations, demonstrating the power of art to transcend conventional boundaries.

A Partnership Forged in Creativity

Stallman Studio was born out of a creative synergy between Hallman and Stum, two talented Pacific Northwest-based artists who have blazed a new trail in the realm of sculpture. Their unique approach combines their individual visions and talent to create multifaceted sculptures that are striking in their depth and complexity. Their creative process is underpinned by a deep mutual respect and a shared desire to push the boundaries of traditional artistic expression.

"We echo each other's energy and strengths in a collaboration that is a living, breathing, shifting, and always changing optical illusion," says Stum.

A Revolutionary Approach to Canvas

Stallman Studio's signature work is the Canvas on Edge collection, a groundbreaking technique that repurposes paint and canvas into sculptures. This approach sees the canvas given a leading role in creating form, highlight, and movement. When seen from different angles, the cut edge of the canvas forms an elevated line drawing, revealing a breathtaking spectrum of color.

Over the years, Hallman and Stum have meticulously honed their understanding of how different pigments interact to create dynamic color shifts. This unique insight allows them to create artworks that dramatically transform from various perspectives, from monochromatic to full color, from warm to cool, and vice versa.


Birds Of Paradise 60”x60”

"Our journey of exploring the interaction between light and pigment is one filled with surprises. Just when we think we understand it all, we stumble upon a new and unexpected interaction between reflected colors. We hope this discovery never ends," shares Hallman.

Unearthing New Layers of Artistic Expression

In addition to their collaborative work, Hallman has a unique body of work known as "Excavations". This innovative technique was inspired by a spiritual awakening on the big island of Hawaii, prompting him to delve beneath the surface, both literally and metaphorically.

Describing this transformative experience, Hallman says, "My spiritual practice is to remember to look underneath what is happening and look inside myself for the truth. This has led to many new paths and discoveries, including finding Stephen, my art partner, which led to our discovery of this new art form, Canvas on Edge."

Unveiling New Discoveries at Art Miami 2023

Art Miami 2023 is a significant milestone for Stallman Studio. This prestigious platform will allow them to showcase their latest work, demonstrating how their partnership continues to evolve and innovate.

Stephen Stum (Left) and Jason Hallman (Right) 

"We’re grateful for the galleries that continue to represent us each year at Art Miami. This opportunity allows our work to be seen by thousands of people from around the world. It’s the personal connection to collectors and fellow artists as they express their excitement that completes the creative journey," says Stum.

At Art Miami, Stallman Studio will unveil a new discovery within the Canvas on Edge collection. This new sculptural form, birthed from their experimentation with canvas strips, allows the medium to exist in a completely new configuration. The result is an immersive artwork that invites viewers to experience the transformative power of their artistic collaboration.

Looking to the Future

As Stallman Studio continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with canvas and paint, their vision for the future is one of evolution and transformation. They are committed to exploring new paths, making new discoveries, and contributing to the global art dialogue.

Their participation in Art Miami 2023 reflects this commitment, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the broader art community and inspire a new generation of artists. As they prepare for this prestigious event, Stallman Studio remains dedicated to sharing their passion and vision with the world, showcasing the transformative power of art.

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