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Gordon Massman: Unleashing the Forbidden Through Abstraction

Explore the uncharted depths of human emotion and experience with the visceral abstractions of Gordon Massman.

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From the pen of a poet to the brush of a painter, Gordon Massman expertly navigates the world of spontaneous expression and raw emotion, drawing inspiration from movements such as Abstract Expressionism, Beat Generation literature, and confessional poetry. Adept at bringing his deepest, most forbidden thoughts to life, Massman's monumental canvases invite the viewer to confront the extremes of the human mind.

The Making of a Maverick Artist

Massman's journey to artistic mastery began with a foundation in literature and creative writing, with studies at the University of Texas-Austin and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Having spent years teaching his craft and penning critically acclaimed poetry – including a 2013 Pulitzer Prize nomination for his collection, 0.174: The Complete Numbers Cycle – he shifted his focus to exploring the unbridled realms of abstract painting.

Channeling the Unconscious

A key component of Massman's work is the process itself, guided solely by his instincts and intuition. Each canvas becomes a living organism, bearing the imprints of the artist's memories, dreams, and daily experiences. The chaos and disorder manifested in his gestural strokes serve as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of the subconscious.

“The last frontier in art is the artist's psyche and how deeply and brutally honest he or she has traveled and understood,” Massman explains.

An Ongoing Journey

Today, Gordon Massman continues to break barriers, fearlessly delving into the depths of human emotion, and inviting viewers to peer into his soul. His work is represented in the deCordova Museum's Corporate Lending Program and can be found in numerous galleries and exhibitions around the globe.

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