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Galeria Fermay: Nurturing Artists and Creating Cultural Connections


Allow me to introduce you to Antoni Ferrer, the visionary behind Galería Fermay, a dynamic art space in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Born and raised in Palma de Mallorca, Antoni moved to Barcelona to embark on his academic journey. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in History of Art from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. After a decade-long professional journey in London, Antoni returned to his hometown to bring his international experience to the cultural milieu of Mallorca.

Antoni Ferrer, Director of Galeria Fermay
Antoni Ferrer, the visionary behind Galeria Fermay.

From Personal Aspiration to Living Reality

Having always had the personal aspiration to own his own project space, Antoni saw the necessity of a space where artists could develop and showcase their work. He had a very clear vision for this, but the idea didn't materialize until he lost his job at a gallery due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Returning to his previous life as an independent dealer and curator, Antoni felt the need to create his own gallery space and started looking for a suitable location. Thus, Galería Fermay was born, an embodiment of both his personal aspirations and professional necessities.

A Haven for Artists and a Treasure Chest for Art Lovers

Galería Fermay's uniqueness lies in its commitment to nurturing artists, providing them with both a physical space to present their work and a critical context that allows them to develop their artistic practices. The gallery works with emerging and mid-career artists, offering a varied program that celebrates the heterogeneity of narratives in contemporary art. Beyond serving artists, the gallery also caters to art collectors. It offers expertise on the art market, emphasizing the importance of supporting artists by purchasing their work, and focuses on younger generations who have the sensibility and resources to buy art but have not done so yet.

Contributing to the Cultural Landscape

Every exhibition at Galería Fermay is a well-thought-out project. Each exhibition - be it a solo show allowing artists to fully engage with the space and develop ambitious projects, or group exhibitions presenting alternative readings on certain topics - is planned and conceptualized with precision. The gallery offers a diverse and innovative program, with each exhibition being a project that needs to be carefully planned and executed. Whether it's showcasing the work of artists who have never exhibited in Spain, or inspiring the audience with the work of an unknown artist, Galería Fermay is on a mission to contribute to the cultural milieu of Palma de Mallorca.

Overcoming Challenges and Planning for the Future

Running a business is not without its challenges, and Galería Fermay is no exception. From the pandemic and global economic volatility to the ongoing war in Europe and the impending climate crisis, there are numerous hurdles to overcome. However, Antoni remains undeterred. He has his sights set on consolidating the gallery's project and achieving financial growth. He plans to increase the gallery's visibility and promote the work of its artists in the right contexts. His future plans for the gallery include focusing on the gallery program, attending art fairs to position the gallery and its artists, and achieving sustainable growth.

Final Thoughts

From being a personal aspiration to becoming a living reality, Galería Fermay has come a long way. It's not just a gallery, but a living space dedicated to fostering creativity, nurturing artists, and serving as a meeting point for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts alike. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, Antoni Ferrer is committed to his mission and is working hard to ensure that Galería Fermay continues to contribute to the cultural landscape for many more years to come.

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