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Flicking The Switch: An Insight into the Artistic Journey of Daniel Kim

Unveiling the Story of Daniel Kim: The Game Changer in Abstract Art

Meet Daniel Kim, a Chicago-based artist who is redefining the abstract art scene with his distinctive approach. Born in Korea and now residing in the United States, Kim's artistic journey has been anything but ordinary. With a deep love for comic books, baseball, and skateboarding, his passions have shaped him into the artist he is today. Married and expecting his first child in January 2024, Kim is excited about this new chapter of his life.

42x32 in, acrylic on canvas The sad clown didn’t think he’ll be noticed.

A Glimpse into Daniel Kim's Background

Kim's family immigrated to the United States when he was just nine years old. It was during this time that he fell in love with baseball, skateboarding, and comic books. His fascination with comics led him to drawing and ultimately to fine art. His parents, noticing his growing interest in art, were surprisingly supportive. They were pleased that their eldest son had found a passion that stirred his soul. This support led him to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he pursued both his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts.

Discovering Art: Kim's Journey

Kim's passion for art was sparked by his love for comics. This interest in drawing gradually evolved into a more serious pursuit of art. His dedication and commitment to his craft were evident even in his younger years. His parents recognized his passion and encouraged him to follow his dreams. This support was instrumental in shaping Kim's artistic journey.

Drawing Inspiration from Life

Kim's inspiration is deeply rooted in his desire to live a fulfilled life with no regrets. This means pursuing his dreams and creating meaningful art. His first inspiration came from attending a lecture by Elizabeth Murray when he was 18. The admiration from the crowd for Murray stirred in him a desire to dedicate his life to art. Kim's inspiration is introspective and very personal to him. His aim is to create art that is a reflection of himself and his journey.

Defining Artistic Style: Flicking the Switch

Kim's approach to art is what he calls 'flicking the switch'. He believes that a successful painting is the result of several elements working in harmony: color, subject matter, and paint application. His style is reflective of this philosophy, emphasizing the power of simple brush strokes and marks that can transform an entire painting. His most recent green painting is a testament to this style. He completed it in three sessions and it marks a significant turning point in his career. This painting is proof that a simple brush stroke or mark can be powerful, depending on the rest of the painting.

Overcoming Doubt: Kim's Decade Long Challenge

For over a decade, Kim grappled with self-doubt. This struggle was compounded by his own criticism. However, he overcame this challenge by believing in himself, drawing strength from his past achievements, and his unwavering passion for art. His recent paintings are a clear indication of his growing confidence in his work. Kim's journey stands as a testament to the power of self-belief in the journey of an artist.

Looking Ahead: Kim's Future in Art

Kim's future plans for his art are simple yet profound. His goal is to create a body of work he can be proud of and share with as many people as possible. He looks forward to creating more unique pieces that reflect his journey and growth as an artist. He is currently working on a series of works that he is particularly proud of. Kim's art, a reflection of himself transferred onto a canvas with paint, is what makes his work unique and stand out. He is eager to see how his work will evolve in the coming months.

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