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Exploring the Artistic Journey of Ellie Jeann, A Self-Taught Artist and Photographer

A Deeper Look into the Journey of Self-Taught Artist, Ellie Jeann

Ellie Jeann is a self-taught artist, a current photography major, and the second oldest in a family of seven siblings. Ellie's life has been a fascinating journey, growing up on the Asperger's Spectrum and being homeschooled until the age of sixteen. The artist's family heavily relied on their faith to manage the challenges of raising seven children. Ellie's entry into the public school system marked a significant turning point in her life and continues to shape her art and education.

Artistry runs deep in Ellie's veins. Born into a family of artists, with her mother being a self-taught artist for over three decades, Ellie describes art as her therapy and mental escape. It's a passion she shares with her siblings, each expressing their artistic talent in their unique individual ways.

Self-Portrait Presentation by Ellie Jeann

A Multifaceted Source of Inspiration

Ellie's inspiration is a tapestry woven from a variety of sources. While she primarily identifies as a landscape and nature photographer, she maintains an artistic flexibility that enables her to draw inspiration from anything art-related or connected to kpop. These elements are evident in her mixed media concept, creating a unique blend that resonates with her audience.

Building a Bridge to Her Audience

Establishing a connection with her audience and collectors is a journey that Ellie is actively traversing. Her small Etsy shop, currently in vacation mode, is a testament to her effort in improving this aspect of her career. She plans to revamp her custom merch and reopen the shop, offering her audience a chance to own a piece of her journey.

Challenges and the Path to Overcoming Them

Ellie's biggest challenge as an artist stems from her naturally anti-social characteristic, which has made communication and connection with others a struggle. However, she is undeterred, constantly working towards improving her speech and conversation approach. Her determination to overcome this hurdle is a testament to her resilience and commitment to her art.

A Unique Artistic Style that Evokes Emotion

Ellie's artistic style is a captivating blend of everyday life and personal interests. Despite being her own harshest critic, she strives to create a unique style that allows her to express her life experiences and interests in a way that strongly resonates with her audience.

Ellie's Future Plans and Aspirations

Ellie prefers to plan as she goes rather than planning too far ahead. Her future art projects include a mini portfolio presentation for one of her art classes. This approach allows her to stay flexible and responsive to the ebb and flow of inspiration and life's circumstances.

Ellie's Art: A Reflection of Her Journey

Ellie's art is a reflection of her life's journey and experiences. As a photographer, she is particularly proud of her photos of Ohiopyle, PA, a place she visited with her great grandparents. Despite the changes to the place over the years, the experience of revisiting and capturing its beauty through her lens evokes strong feelings of nostalgia and connection.

Ellie's Mediums of Choice

Throughout her education and personal exploration, Ellie has experimented with a variety of mixed mediums of art, challenging herself to discover her strengths and weaknesses. This exploration has led her to photography, a medium she finds herself increasingly drawn to, especially after becoming a kpop stan.

Standing Out in the World of Art

What makes Ellie's art stand out is her unique blend of personal experiences, interests, and her ability to evoke emotions through her work. While she may not have publicly known art pieces, she continuously updates her Instagram, giving her followers a glimpse into her art world.

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