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Exploring the Artistic Journey of Bryan Jennings: From Liverpool Beatle Boy to LA Abstract Painter

Unveiling the Artistic Journey of Bryan Jennings

From the vibrant city of Liverpool, UK to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, Bryan Jennings, known in the art world as Bryan, has been painting his way through life. His art, deeply rooted in the human condition, echoes the eclectic mix of his experiences and inspirations.

A Love Supreme 'A Love Supreme'

The Artist: Bryan Jennings

Born in Liverpool, UK, and now residing in Los Angeles, Bryan Jennings has always been a creative soul. He found solace in coloring as a child, but it was later in life that he discovered the true essence of art and its profound impact on the human psyche. His art, deeply connected with the human condition, is a testament to his journey and experiences.

Discovering Art

Bryan's journey into the world of art was not a conventional one. While he enjoyed coloring as a child, it was not until later in life that he discovered art in its true sense. Bryan found art as a means to express his feelings, and that was when his journey truly began. He describes this journey as a necessity, a path he had to take to express the myriad of emotions and experiences he had gathered over the years.

The Art of 'A Love Supreme'

One of Bryan's most cherished works is 'A Love Supreme.' This artwork was inspired by John Coltrane's music piece by the same name. Bryan tried to paint what a supreme love would look like - a magical relationship that was perfect while it lasted but left a void after it was gone. This artwork, like many others by Bryan, painted itself, flowing easily from his thoughts to the canvas. It was immediately popular and was sold quickly.

Artistic Style and Inspiration

As an abstract landscape painter, Bryan has a unique approach to art. He labors in his studio every day, not to create art, but to allow it to manifest itself through his work. He does not use sketches or photos, but rather lets his feelings and experiences guide his work. Bryan finds inspiration in a variety of sources, from poetry and music to titles and experiences. His goal is to make people feel, to evoke emotion through the simplicity of his work. His work is simple, and all one needs is to look to understand the emotions he is trying to convey through the combination of horizon and landscape.

Connecting with the Audience

Bryan connects with his audience through a variety of channels. He uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share his work. He also holds solo and group shows and invites collectors to his studio for private viewings. He understands the challenges of gaining traction among viewers, buyers, and galleries, but remains hopeful and continues to share his work passionately.

Challenges and Resilience

Like every artist, Bryan has encountered his share of challenges. Gaining traction from viewers, buyers, and galleries is a constant struggle. However, Bryan remains resilient and optimistic, continually sharing his work and inviting art enthusiasts into his world.

Future Plans

Bryan's future plans are as straightforward as his approach to art. He intends to continue painting as long as he physically can, excited about the work he has yet to create. He also hopes to collaborate with the right gallery in the future. His dream is to keep creating art that resonates with people, art that tells a story and evokes emotions.

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