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Exploring the Artistic Journey of Andrej Wilhelms: From Graffiti to Oil on Canvas

Exploring the Artistic Journey of Andrej Wilhelms: From Graffiti to Oil on Canvas

Andrej Wilhelms, a renowned German artist, is known for his fascinating journey from graffiti to oil on canvas. Born in 1984 in Hannover, Germany, Andrej was raised in a multicultural household, with influences from Indonesian and German cultures, shaping his artistic approach.

Art by Andrej Wilhelms

Off Work by Andrej Wilhelms

Artistic Origins

Andrej's art journey began with graffiti at the tender age of 12. His interest in art grew over time, leading him to explore drawing and painting. This exploration sparked a desire for a more structured approach to art, leading him to the renowned Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. After two years of fine art studies, Andrej found his calling in painting and transferred to the art academy in Münster, where he became a part of a real painting class of internationally renowned artist Cornelius Völker, based in Düsseldorf and NYC. He finished as a selected master student art (Meisterschüler) in fine arts, accompanied by an award by the art academy and a studio scholarship.

Andrej's exploration of graffiti art during his early years laid the foundation for his artistic journey. Although his current work is not directly influenced by graffiti, the experience of creating art on walls fostered a passion for art that remains alive to this day.

Connection with Audience

Andrej believes in building a strong connection with art lovers, collectors, and curators. Regular studio visits, exhibitions, and art happenings are just some of the ways he connects with his audience. He also frequents art happenings and openings in galleries and museums, and even organizes exhibitions himself. His primary goal is to share his art with a larger, more international audience and foster inspiring encounters within the art world.

Unique Artistic Style

Andrej's unique artistic style comes from his exploration of the tension between the abstract and the figurative. Using oil on canvas, he creates 'things' that seem familiar yet are utopian in nature, such as architecture or organic shapes. His work stands out due to his disregard for current industry trends and his focus on creating art that he feels compelled to create. This disregard for trends and focus on his intrinsic creativity leads to paintings that are unusual, surprising, and unique.

Andrej also works with materials like wood, where he paints the material, cuts it, and rearranges it in new ways. This process of rearranging set pieces leads to surprising results and adds an additional level of depth to his work.

Overcoming Challenges

Andrej believes that challenges are part of the artistic process. His mantra is to keep going, even in the face of dissatisfaction with his work. He overcomes challenges by immersing himself in the process of painting, which he describes as both the biggest challenge and the best part of working in the studio. He believes that the process of creating art is the primary source of inspiration, where one painting inspires another, and this process fuels his creativity.

Future Goals for Art

Andrej's future goals include discovering more paintings that do not yet exist, spending more time with art, and sharing his work with a broader audience. He looks forward to more fascinating and inspiring encounters in the art world. He wants to work more, paint more, and spend even more time with art, hoping for more interesting and inspiring encounters in the art world.

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