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Exploring the Art of Multi-Media Sculptor: Philip A. Robinson Jr.

Philip A. Robinson Jr.: Breathing Life into Wood and Metal

Philip A. Robinson Jr. is an award-winning multi-media sculptor and conceptual artist. His skillful use of wood and metal, combined with a unique approach to his craft, has earned him an esteemed place in the contemporary art world. Robinson's compelling narratives explore identity, culture, and the temporal nature of life, and they are as much a reflection of his journey as an artist as they are a reflection of the world around him.

A Glimpse into Philip's Artistry: Untitled Faces .05

Robinson's artistry is vast and varied and his work 'Untitled Faces .05' stands as a testament to his talent. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Robinson often finds it challenging to achieve his desired finished product. However, 'Untitled Faces .05' is a piece where the artist felt he had come closest to realizing his original concept. This piece holds a special place in his heart because it signifies a rare occasion where he felt near complete satisfaction with his work.

Philip A. Robinson Jr. Portfolio

Philip A. Robinson Jr.'s stunning portfolio piece

Philip's Journey into Art

Robinson's journey into art began in his childhood. Fascinated by the process of creation, he would express his creativity by making art for every subject, from Math to English and Social Studies. This early passion laid the foundation for his future studies and career. He went on to earn a BFA in Studio Art from Skidmore College and an MFA in Sculpture from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers.

Over the years, Robinson has exhibited his works throughout the tri-state area and beyond, including solo exhibitions at the High Line Nine, the Untitled Space Gallery, and Prizm Art Fair during Miami Art Basel. His work has graced international locations like the KL City Art Gallery in Malaysia and domestic venues like LuluLemon (Hudson Yards), The National Academy Museum and School, and the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition. Despite his extensive portfolio, Robinson continues to push the boundaries of his craft, constantly raising questions about identity, culture, and power paradigms.

Connecting With the Audience

Robinson's connection with his audience is as unique as his art. He is a people person, which allows him to naturally spark conversations with random people he encounters. These interactions often lead to long-lasting relationships, with many of his new friends eventually becoming lifelong collectors of his work.

A Unique Artistic Style

Robinson's unique artistic style is a blend of multiple mediums. He uses wood to symbolize temporality within natural cycles of time and geography to amplify the narrative of identity within popular and marginalized cultures. His work raises questions about who controls culture, how history shapes the importance of culture, and how culture is sustained and influenced by 'others'. Robinson's work affirms the vital connection between the foundation of one's identity and the necessity for corrective historical discourse to avoid becoming extinct.

His work draws upon influences from a Cherokee and African American mother and a Trinidadian and British father, against the backdrop of the 1980s neo-conceptual art and installation practices. It is this mix of cultural influences and artistic styles that makes Robinson's work stand out in the industry.

Future Plans and Goals

Robinson has big plans for his art. He dreams of showcasing his work at Miami/Switzerland/Hong Kong Art Basel, exhibiting overseas, being represented by a major gallery, and having his work acquired by museums. However, his immediate challenge, as he admits, is to step away from his computer screen and start cutting some wood.

Despite the challenges that come his way, Robinson remains committed to his craft. His love for wood and metal has led him to explore 2D and 3D wall-based sculptures within the medium. He continually aims to create works that his audience has never seen before, pushing them to comprehend new concepts while seeing themselves reflected in the medium.

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