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Embracing the Storm: An Intimate Encounter with Artist Morgan Sinton-Hewitt

Embracing the Storm: A Deeper Dive into the Artistic Journey of Morgan Sinton-Hewitt

The world of art is a realm of intricacies, each creation embodying a unique story, a distinct journey. Today, we delve deeper into the artistic voyage of South African-born artist, Morgan Sinton-Hewitt. In this comprehensive interview, the artist unravels the layers of their life, their inspirations, and how they have harnessed art as a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery.

Unveiling the Artwork: Standing in the Rain with You

One of Sinton-Hewitt's most poignant works is 'Standing in the rain with you', a profound representation of their partner's battle with cancer. Created intuitively, the painting emerged as a sentient other, becoming into being through their life. The brush strokes, simultaneously people and rain, form a landscape that evokes the journey of standing alongside a loved one amidst a raging storm. The painting is deeply rooted in the teachings of their Buddhist mentor, Daisaku Ikeda, and symbolizes the resilience and strength of human spirit in the face of adversity.

A Story of Transformation: She Was Made in the Storm

Another significant piece in Sinton-Hewitt’s portfolio is 'She was made in the storm / I rise'. This self-portrait, painted with courage and resilience, signifies the artist's rise from years of abuse and trauma. The painting, with its rolling sea and the image of the artist rising, shining with dignity, serves as a reminder of the transformative power of perseverance and the ability to find hope amidst the storm.

The Artist's Journey: From Childhood Wanderings to a Healing Process

Born in South Africa, Sinton-Hewitt led a disruptive childhood, living in Johannesburg, Brussels, England, and Scotland. Their early experiences nurtured an identity not confined to one place. With a life that moved across borders, art became a healing exploration of their past and present. Their artistic journey, deeply influenced by their Buddhist practice of chanting 'nam-myoho-renge-kyo', has been a testament to the transformative and healing power of art.

Connecting Through Sincerity and Simplicity

The artist believes in the power of human connection, and their approach to connecting with their audience and collectors is rooted in sincerity and simplicity. Their art, acting as a bridge between their humanity and that of the viewer, tells a story of perseverance, of rising above years of abuse and trauma, and finding hope amidst the storm.

The Source of Inspiration: A Buddhist Practice and Love for Earth

Sinton-Hewitt draws inspiration from their daily Buddhist practice and their profound love for the earth. Their work tells a narrative of a person who has journeyed through a storm, persevering amidst harsh waves, finding connection and expanding her realm of concern, embracing more and more of life itself and the potential for the dignity of life to become the banner of the age.

An Unique Artistic Style: Embodied Transformative Spiritual Colour Phenomena

The artist describes their unique artistic style as 'embodied transformative spiritual colour phenomena', primarily working with oil paints. They see their work as a dialogue and a profound exploration of life, moments that resonate, and the human condition. Their work embraces figuration and abstraction, resonating with the viewer in a form of dialogue.

Looking Ahead: Future Goals and Plans

Sinton-Hewitt's future goals for their art are to continue growing their body of work and to reach more people. They are currently applying for funding to embark on a period of research and development over the next year, which will forge a methodology core to future work. They believe that their journey is far from over and that their work will continue to evolve and inspire others.

Overcoming Challenges: The Power of Belief and Resilience

The artist's journey has not been without challenges. The biggest obstacle they had to overcome was belief, having had years of trauma and abuse to heal from. But with the power of their Buddhist practice and the support of friends, therapy, and their own unwavering determination, they have managed to keep believing in themselves as an artist, never giving up and always striving forward.

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