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Dear , it was great chatting with you, extremely excited to learn more about you in this formal interview. Below are 10 questions that will allow us to dive deep into getting to know your history and meaning better, we also might contact you by phone or email if we have any additional questions.


Creed: A Visionary Artist Translating Life into Art

Meet Creed: The Artist Who Breathes Life into Characters

When it comes to envisioning worlds beyond the ordinary, no one does it better than Christian Reed, otherwise known as Creed. Born and raised in Texas, Creed found his passion for art at a young age, sketching doodles that would later transform into intricate character designs. From the local convenience store's notebook to a world-renowned artist, Creed's journey is as awe-inspiring as his creations.


GOLDEN RATIO by Creed, a representation of perfection and disorder.

Creed's Artistic Journey

Creed's love for art began with an innocent interest in video games and cartoons, which eventually led to a profound passion for character design. His works mostly involve multiple subjects, including people, animals, and mythical creatures, crafted with alcohol markers and ink pens.

Inspiration and Style

Creed derives his inspiration from the world around him and the creativity of others. His unique artistic style is a reflection of his inner self, with a piece of him embedded in every work he produces.

Connecting with the Audience

Creed's ability to pique curiosity set him apart in the industry. The worlds he creates through his imagination are not only visually impressive but also provoke thought and stimulate conversation.

Overcoming Challenges

Like any artist, Creed faced self-doubt throughout his journey. However, through continuous practice, hard work, and the support of those who believe in his talent, he was able to overcome this mental barrier.

Future Goals

Creed hopes to further his skills and experiences in art by attending college. His ultimate goal is to bring his characters to life within a story that can resonate with people around him.

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