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Celebrating the Bold and Vibrant Artistry of Randa Magdi

An In-Depth Look at the Vibrant and Expressive Art of Randa Magdi

My People by Randa Magdi

Meet Randa Magdi, a bold and vibrant artist who has left an indelible mark in the realm of art. Born in Egypt and now residing on the tranquil NSW Central Coast, Magdi has a dynamic and expressive style that brings life to her creations. Her journey in art began at a young age, with regular visits to art galleries that served as a constant source of inspiration. Despite weaving in and out of art creation throughout her life, Magdi took art creation seriously at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since then, she has been a prolific creator, producing art on a daily basis.

Magdi's personal interests involve humanitarian involvement for all animals. She is an animal lover with a fur family of four dogs and three cats. Aside from art, she also has interests in nature, music, fashion, and she is even a professional club DJ.

Magdi's Artwork: An Obsession with the Human Face

One of Magdi's most notable work is titled "My People" - a collection of 36 A5 panels of faces. Some of these faces belonged to her friends, while others were products of her vivid imagination. She created this piece for a popular LGBTi Art Prize, Bent Art. Although it didn’t win, the piece sold out before the launch, marking a significant milestone in Magdi's artistic journey. This work underscores Magdi's fascination with the human face - an obsession she can't fully explain.

She primarily works with acrylic on canvas and watercolors but doesn't shy away from experimenting with other mediums. Her art is distinctly abstract, focusing less on realism and more on free-flowing creativity. This allows her the freedom to make things up as she goes along, breaking rules in her creative process and producing art that truly stands out in the industry.

Connecting With the Audience Through Art

Magdi believes in the power of connecting with her audience and collectors. She does this through exhibitions and social media, where she shares her creative process and finished pieces. What inspires her most is the uniqueness of every individual. The idea that among the zillion people in the world, it's rare to find two that closely resemble each other fascinates her. She starts each piece with no definitive ending in mind, allowing her instincts to guide her through the creation process.

Overcoming Challenges in the Artistic Journey

Magdi's artistic journey hasn't been without its challenges. Living with Multiple Sclerosis, she deals with a short attention span and a permanent tremor in her right hand. But she doesn’t let these challenges deter her. Instead, she works in small chunks at a time and accepts any mistakes as part of the creation process. Her disability, though progressive, has not stopped her from pursuing her passion for art.

Looking Forward: Future Plans for Her Art

When it comes to her future plans, Magdi intends to continue submitting to the creative inspiration that drives her. She believes that the enjoyment derived from the process of creation is more significant than the end result. It's evident that her goal is not just to create beautiful art, but to immerse herself in the joy and fulfillment that the creative process brings.

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