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Catherine Pennington Meyer: A Journey Into Abstract Expressionism

As an award-winning British artist based in Germany, Catherine Pennington Meyer's work in abstract expressionism is captivating and profound. This article provides a deeper look into her art, inspirations, aspirations, and the obstacles she has surmounted on her journey.

Catherine Pennington Meyer

Image: Catherine Pennington Meyer with her abstract painting 'Still'

The Journey and Triumph of an Artist

Catherine's passion for art has always been inherent. From drawing whimsical figures on her mother's kitchen blackboard as a child, to becoming a renowned artist, she has always seen the world through the lens of art. Today, one of her most treasured creations is 'Rise'. This abstract painting recently won an award with Artio Gallery in NYC and is set to be exhibited at MEAM - The European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, in August. This achievement, once an elusive dream, is a testament to Catherine's bravery, persistence, and relentless pursuit of her craft.

A Background Enriched with Art and Nature

Catherine Pennington-Meyer, a British artist living in Augsburg, Germany, is deeply influenced by nature and her experiences. Her works, primarily abstract expressionism, reflect the beauty of the landscapes in North Yorkshire and Scotland where she spent her childhood. She sees compositions everywhere, from flowers in a park to books on a library shelf. Over time, she has been increasingly drawn to abstraction, which she believes allows her to translate her feelings, experiences, and memories onto canvas. Her art, in essence, is a language that communicates a raw and emotive energy.

Fostering Connections with Collectors

The opportunity to meet collectors in person in her own gallery space is something Catherine cherishes. The feedback she receives is invaluable as it fuels her motivation during challenging times and reassures her that her work is impactful. She also leverages social media to connect with a global audience in a relaxed and friendly manner. Despite the occasional disconnect between her and the buyers of her art through galleries or platforms, she appreciates the mystery of knowing her art pieces are cherished somewhere unknown.

The Vision Behind the Art

One of the intriguing aspects of Catherine's abstract art is that every viewer interprets her work uniquely. This interpretation is influenced by their mood, cultural references, upbringing, and biology. Catherine is fascinated by the dynamic between the artist creating the piece and the viewer completing it with their interpretation. This concept forms the foundation of her artistic vision and style. Her future plans include exploring art licensing and she is currently in discussions with a US company to explore this avenue.

Overcoming Challenges with Self Belief

The greatest challenge Catherine has faced as an artist is self-belief. Opening Gallerie White Space was a daunting prospect for her, as it involved exposing her inner feelings onto a canvas to be critiqued by the world. Overcoming this challenge required breaking it down into small steps and taking them one day at a time. She reminds herself that growth happens outside of our comfort zone and continually pushes herself beyond her limits. Her art is her way of processing what she experiences and feels, making it an essential part of her life.

The Artistic Style and Medium

When Catherine first started selling her art, she felt obligated to prove that she could paint 'properly'. However, over time, she realised that her abstract pieces resonated more with collectors. This realization gave her the confidence to paint intuitively, from the heart, and with artistic freedom. Whether she's painting landscapes, seascapes, or florals, Catherine ensures that her work is emotionally charged and immediately accessible. She wants her art to resonate with viewers on an energetic level, making each piece unique and profound.

Making a Mark in the Art Industry

Catherine hopes that her art stands out in the industry due to its authenticity, immediacy, and the ability to evoke feelings in viewers. Her aspiration is to contribute light to a world that sometimes feels bleak through her art. She wants her art to bring positive emotion to people's daily experiences and leave something meaningful behind when she is no longer part of this world.

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