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Capturing Life Through The Lens: The Artistic Journey of Ray McMurray

Ray McMurray: Capturing the World Through a Unique Lens

Ray McMurray, a seasoned, self-taught photographer hailing from the United Kingdom, brings an exceptional perspective to life through his evocative imagery. The 67-year-old artist, currently based near Cambridge, England, masterfully harnesses the power of photography to decipher and render the world around him.

Ray's journey into the realm of photography began in the early 60's when a simple gift of a camera sparked an enduring fascination. Intrigued by the potential to freeze moments in time, Ray embarked on a journey of self-discovery and honed his skills in the darkroom, processing photos of his cherished pets at home. As a teenager, he became more involved in the artistic potential of photography, largely working in black and white due to the higher cost of colour photography during that era.

"Nice Wheels!" - A testament to Ray McMurray's keen eye for capturing spontaneous moments.

Ray's initial intrigue has not only endured but flourished over the years. His commitment to his craft is underscored by his willingness to forgo sleep to view his projects progress from camera to print by daybreak. His intense desire to encapsulate the world through his lens is a testament to his relentless dedication.

Finding Inspiration in the Everyday

Inspiration for Ray is an ongoing exploration that transcends traditional boundaries. From studying the works of other photographers, participating in photo walks, to attending exhibitions, Ray immerses himself in an array of experiences to fuel his creativity. One notable influence was the recent showcase of Vivian Maier's work in Milton Keynes, UK. Ray's artistic approach thrives on the tension between his learned sense of what constitutes a 'good' photo and the camera's ability to unveil an alternative, more subversive version of reality. For Ray, satisfaction lies in the moments where the camera subverts the expected, capturing images that are unanticipated yet profound.

The Pursuit of Unconventionality

One of Ray's most significant challenges in his photographic journey has been to circumvent the allure of conventional image-making. Ray fervently strives to dismantle traditional notions of what makes a good photograph, instead championing images that disrupt the expected. He admires the work of artists like Edgar Degas, who skillfully manipulated the tension between convention and disruption in his paintings. For Ray, images that deviate from the norm, those that he hasn't seen before, are what truly exhilarate him.

Looking Ahead: Ray's Future Plans

Ray's journey as an artist continues to evolve. He is currently in the process of creating a website where he can showcase his portfolio and offer his works for sale. He also harbors aspirations of hosting an exhibition of his work, sharing his unique perspective with a broader audience.

Ray's work serves as a stark reminder that there is often more than meets the eye. His years as a meditator have bolstered his confidence in capturing the 'felt sense' of a scene, diving beneath the surface to unearth the deeper reality that lies beneath. Ray continues to explore the world through his lens, unearthing the extraordinary in the everyday, reinforcing the belief that what you see is not always what you get.

About Ray McMurray

A citizen of the United Kingdom, with familial roots in Northern Ireland, Ray has been residing near Cambridge, England, for several years. From his self-taught beginnings in photography as a teenager to his mastery of the darkroom, Ray's journey with photography spans decades and the transition to the digital era. Now aged 67, Ray's love for photography transcends it being just a profession. For him, photography is a powerful tool for investigation, exploration, and interpretation of the world.

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