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Bronwen Hazlett: The Alchemical Artist Creating Experiential Realities

Imagine being able to blur the lines between reality and consciousness, to create a unique blend of art that resonates with the innermost sentiments of the observer. This is the realm where Bronwen Hazlett, an experienced and versatile artist, dwells and creates her masterpieces.

It's The Journey: A vivid representation of Bronwen Hazlett's artistic prowess

Artistic Beginnings and Influences

Coming from a lineage of artists, Bronwen was introduced to the world of art at a tender age. Her journey in art began with her first camera gifted by her father at the age of 6. This early exposure steered her towards earning a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and later, an MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University. Her work is deeply rooted in concepts of home, place, memory, and self-healing, reflecting the nomadic nature of her early life as a Navy dependent.

Unique Artistic Style and Inspirations

Bronwen's work is a distinctive blend of various mediums and techniques, pushing technology in new directions. This approach earned her work the title of 'Experiential Reality' by Joshua Hollingsworth, a curator of her solo exhibition at the Delaware College of Art. Her art is influenced by elements of home, a quiet and peaceful environment, and philosophical alchemy – an understanding of true nature, purging negativity, and living one's life.

An Introspective and Therapeutic Journey

Bronwen's artistic journey is not just about creating art; it's a therapeutic process. It allows her to introspect and work through internal issues, making her art a medium of self-expression and healing. Her future plans involve continuing to create art that she's happy with while also expanding her reach to more art lovers and collectors.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Like any artist, Bronwen faces her fair share of challenges. However, her love for her craft keeps her resilient in the face of adversity. She believes that as long as an artist loves what they do, they'll keep creating, regardless of the size of their audience or the recognition they receive.

Creating Art That Stands Out

Bronwen's work stands out in the industry due to its unique blend of traditional and modern elements. She uses her tools in unconventional ways, merging her love of painting with her passion for landscape photography. The result is a unique body of work that blurs the lines between consciousness, reality, and time.

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