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Artwork By Anne: The Intersection of Art and Anatomy

Anne Thrift: Painting the Unseen Beauty of the Human Body

Where art and science intersect, magic happens. Anne Thrift, known in the creative realm as 'Artwork By Anne', stands as a compelling testament to this. Drawing on her background in psychology and health education, Anne's work beautifully melds medical understanding with artistic imagination, creating pieces that are as intellectually engaging as they are visually stunning.

Anne Thrift exhibiting her artwork at Soho Co-Op Gallery (Railroad Square Art District), Tallahassee, FL

Born in Atlanta and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Anne's journey into the world of art started at an early age. She was always drawn to creating, viewing art as a necessary outlet to translate her thoughts onto paper. Despite earning a B.A. in Psychology from Rollins College and a M.S. in Health Education from Florida State University, her passion for art never waned, maintaining its position at the forefront of her interests.

Connected by Anne Thrift
"Connected" | Acrylic on Canvas | Artwork By Anne
( ARTnatomy 2.0: Fight or Flight collection)

Among Anne's diverse portfolio, one piece stands out both for its technical brilliance and emotional resonance: 'Connected' from the ARTnatomy 2.0: Fight or Flight collection. Inspired by a severe car accident she experienced five years ago, the painting is a heartfelt tribute to the resilience of the human body.

Rather than focusing on the fear and trauma associated with the accident, Anne turned to gratitude for her body's remarkable ability to recover and heal. 'Connected' offers a haunting portrayal of the human cranium, jaw, and cervical spine in calming hues of blues, greens, and neutrals. The atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae, which were injured in the accident, are highlighted in contrasting colors, serving as a striking reminder of the body's tenacity.

When asked to describe her unique artistic style, Anne sums it up as making "gross anatomy NOT gross." She endeavors to transform objective parts of the human body into subjective, aesthetically pleasing works of art. Her inspiration stems from a myriad of sources - from anomalies of the human body, neuroscience articles, old anatomy textbooks to the beautiful world outside, and music. Even other artists who aren't afraid to embrace the unusual fuel her creativity.

 “Chambers” | Acrylic on Glass | Artwork By Anne 

(ARTnatomy 5.0: “Pumped”)

Staying true to her artistic vision is a guiding principle for Anne, and this has led her to be selective about her work. While she occasionally takes on commission requests, she needs to be fully invested in a piece for it to feel authentic. This careful approach ensures that every piece she creates reflects her thoughts and beliefs. As she says, it's a "bit nerdy and different" what she does, combining art and science, but it’s a risk she’s willing to take for the sake of quality over quantity.

Connection with her audience is paramount to Anne. From interactions at art events to social media, she enjoys reaching out to her art collectors and followers, building communities of people who understand the importance of art. Despite living in a digital age, she still appreciates old school methods of communication like distributing paper postcards, writing thank you notes, and delivering cookies.

However, her artistic journey has not been without challenges. Anne identifies saying no to opportunities that don’t align with her vision as a significant hurdle. She advocates for a healthy balance, valuing the importance of producing art without sacrificing personal values.

Her future plans involve continuing the ARTnatomy series and exploring novel ways to share her work, like an art rental program for medical clinics. She also hopes to launch an official website, offering shipping for smaller prints, custom stickers, and even original works. Whatever lies ahead, one thing is certain: Anne Thrift will continue to challenge perceptions, push boundaries and inspire with her unique blend of art and science.

From her dedication to her craft to her passionate engagement with her audience, Anne's unique exploration of the human form through art marks her as an artist worth watching. Her fusion of art and science not only offers a visual feast but provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of the marvel that is the human body.

Upcoming Exhibition: ARTnatomy 5.0: Pumped

As we continue to follow Anne's artistic journey, the spotlight now shifts to her forthcoming solo exhibition, ARTnatomy 5.0: Pumped. This collection, which serves as the fifth in her ARTnatomy series launched in the summer of 2019, offers an even more profound exploration of the intersection of art and anatomy.

Venue & Timing

  • Venue: The Panama City Center for the Arts, inside the Miller Gallery and surrounding downstairs entryway space.
  • Opening night reception: Friday, September 1st, 2023, from 5-7 pm.
  • Exhibition Duration: The ARTnatomy 5.0 exhibit will run until September 30th, with all artwork remaining on display and available for purchase.
  • Operating Hours: Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm; Friday, 10 am to 7 pm; Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm.

Collection Highlights

The collection, primarily consisting of acrylic paintings on canvas, will also include:

  • Framed paintings on stretched canvas
  • Drawings
  • Mixed media art
Anne's works will continue to gravitate towards biomedical and anatomical references, presented through an abstract and contemporary lens.


Personal Significance

The ARTnatomy 5.0: Pumped collection holds a special significance for Anne. Her unique experiences in the human cadaver dissection lab during her intense doctoral-level coursework have heavily influenced the pieces. Moreover, her diagnosis of a congenital heart defect a few years ago sparked an urge to learn more about her condition, translating that knowledge and emotion into her art.

Inspiration and Style

Each piece in "Pumped" encapsulates a personal story, morphing and evolving as Anne navigates the twists and turns of life. They collectively explore the emotional aspects of heart health and general wellness, against the backdrop of both controllable and uncontrollable circumstances. Inspired by the limitless beauty and incredible complexity of the human body, as seen during her visit to Amsterdam’s Body Worlds, Anne's upcoming exhibition promises to captivate and inspire.

Visitor Information

The Panama City Center for the Arts is located at 19 E. 4th St. Panama City, FL 32401. This free event is open to the public, with an anticipated good turnout over the holiday weekend. Notably, art supporters and collectors, like the healthcare professional who has bought from three separate ARTnatomy shows for his physical therapy clinic, will be present. Anne's loyal customers, who already own an original Artwork By Anne piece, will enjoy a 20% discount on any subsequent purchases of originals, underscoring her gratitude for the continued support from her art collectors.

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