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Amanda Whiteley: A Portrait of Passion and Artistry

An In-Depth Look at Amanda Whiteley: A Multifaceted Artist Fueling the Creative World

Currently residing in Manhattan, New York, Amanda Whiteley is a force to be reckoned with in the artistic sphere. With an impressive portfolio as a director, producer, and photographer, she never fails to captivate her audience with her vibrant and unique works. Her journey into the world of art began in North Jersey, where she discovered her love for musical theatre and Shakespeare. She honed her craft at Bergen County Academies, Middlebury College, and RADA, which led her to create her own photography studio and theatre company.

Amanda Whiteley, an unstoppable creative force in the fields of theatre, film, and photography.

Unveiling Her Artistic Vision: A Fusion of Romanticism and Reality

Whiteley's art is characterized by its romanticism and bold use of color. She seamlessly blends her inner world with the outer world, resulting in a vibrant and captivating aesthetic. Whether she's behind the lens capturing a moment in time or directing actors on stage, she meticulously crafts her work to explore human behavior and relationships. Her unique approach to art has resulted in a beautiful fusion of romanticism and reality.

Her Inspirational Journey: Inviting Creativity Over for Coffee

For Whiteley, inspiration is not something that is pursued. Instead, it is welcomed like an old friend coming over for coffee. A shining example of this philosophy is her recent music video for artist Niamh Collins titled 'Misplaced'. The concept of the video became a dance with her inner child, shot in her grandparents' backyard in Lake George, which was a nostalgic and emotional journey into her past.

Engaging with Her Audience: The Power of Social Media

Whiteley effectively utilizes social media as a platform to display her work and engage with her audience and collectors. Her immersive productions are often advertised on these platforms, offering her followers an exclusive glimpse into her creative process and the unique worlds she constructs through her art.

Upcoming Ventures: Exploring New Horizons

With a recent interest in directing music videos, Whiteley plans to continue collaborating with musical artists, adding a narrative depth to their songs. She also eagerly anticipates her upcoming theatre workshop, period dream, and a Tarot-inspired photography project, further pushing the boundaries of her artistic capabilities.

The Journey of Her Artistic Creations

From the first play she directed in New York to her recent music video for Niamh Collins, Whiteley's passion and dedication to her craft are evident. With a near-zero budget, she directed a site-specific 'Romeo & Juliet' play in the courtyard of a Vanderbilt mansion, overcoming numerous challenges. Her latest music video, 'Misplaced', was an emotional journey into her past, filmed in her grandparents' backyard in Lake George.

Her Artistic Evolution: A Symphony of Frames

Whiteley's unique artistic style is a product of her multifaceted background. Her love for theatre and photography stems from her ability to see the world in frames. Whether it is theatre, film, or studio photography, she builds exciting images of human behavior, with her directing background aiding her photography subjects and vice versa.

Whiteley's Stillness: The Inner Calm Steering Artistic Innovation

For Whiteley, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the art industry isn't merely about branding or external expectations. It's about finding a profound level of stillness, a calm that lets her tune in to her deepest instincts and the needs of her collaborators. This stillness not only serves as her compass but also ignites her passion to keep on creating.

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