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Aaron Bible: A Study of the Human Condition Through Art

An In-Depth Conversation with Artist Aaron Bible

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the award-winning artist, Aaron Bible. Known for his extraordinary artistry in photography, Aaron dives deep into his craft, inspiration, and future plans. In this feature, we explore Aaron's journey, his unique style, and the driving forces behind his work.

Aaron Bible work

A look at one of Aaron Bible's most renowned pieces. A culmination of a two-year long documentary project he undertook in Savannah, Georgia at a local boxing gym during graduate school. This piece embodies his love for storytelling through photography. You can admire more of his collection on his Instagram page here.

A Closer Look into Aaron's Background

Aaron H. Bible is an award-winning writer, photographer, and multimedia producer with three decades of experience. His extensive background includes working as a journalist, creative director, gallery director, and fine artist. His work ranges from crafting copy and media strategy for global brands to launching and editing numerous consumer and trade publications, e-commerce sites, and social platforms. A contributor to several leading publications like Backpacker, Elevation Outdoors, Ski, Freeskier, Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, Sunset, Gear Junkie, and more, Aaron's expertise and influence are widespread. He also holds an MFA in documentary photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design. A passionate environmentalist, cyclist, skier, animal lover, and a father to two girls, Aaron’s richly textured life is mirrored in his work.

Aaron Bible work

Connecting with the Audience

Aaron capitalizes on the digital age to connect with his audience and collectors. He leverages social media, industry associations, and his media publishing to reach out to his followers. His networking efforts also extend to agencies and galleries, occasionally collaborating with brands for a broader reach and exposure.

Finding Inspiration

For Aaron, inspiration comes from a place of authentic human experience. It's derived from physical pain and exertion, empathy, hardship, addiction, adrenaline, desire, peace, passion, sadness, and all the human emotions. This wide range of influences adds a raw, emotional depth to his art, making it a mirror of the human condition.

Unique Artistic Style

His unique artistic style is a study of the human condition, influenced by his southern roots, the last 40 years of his life, the idea of nostalgia, and change. He views his art as a series of questions and answers presented through the art of the portrait. This profound perspective adds a layer of depth to his work, making it a compelling narrative of human life.

The Future of Aaron's Art

As for the future, Aaron has ambitious plans. He's currently waiting to hear back about a significant project for next summer through the Savannah College of Art and Design. If successful, he will be granted a presidential appointment to go back to Lacoste, France, in Provence, and do a summer residency as part of the SCAD Alumni Atelier program. In addition, he hopes to hold a show in Denver or Colorado Springs in the next year, and continue publishing his writing.

Overcoming Challenges

Like many artists, Aaron has faced challenges such as profitability, relevancy, and adapting to changing technology and distribution methods. However, his determination and passion for his craft have helped him persevere and continue to create outstanding work. It's a testament to his commitment to his art and his willingness to adapt and evolve.

Medium of Choice

Primarily a photographer, Aaron works in a variety of photographic mediums. While he sometimes paints or embellishes on his work, he's specialized in Silver Gelatin prints and alternative print-making processes. He also explores medium and large format photography and uses digital photography for various applications. His experience with fine art and celebrity photographers, work in galleries, curating shows, and consulting and installations for private collectors/patrons and commercial properties, further enrich his artistic process.

Setting Himself Apart in the Industry

Despite the digital clutter, Aaron's work stands out for its rootedness in photographic history and unique visual style. His longevity in the field, experience, and ability to access places and connect with people have helped him succeed as a documentary photographer. His work is not just visually appealing but also carries a depth of perspective that reflects his many journeys, physical, spatial, and emotional.

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